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12 of the Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World

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12 of the Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World. Great inspiration for vegetarian dishes with easy, vegetarian recipes you can make at home. For all you vegetarians or those that like occasional vegetarian dishes (Meatless Mondays) we have compiled a list of the most popular vegetarian recipes appearing on Compass & Fork. Use this list of the 12 most popular vegetarian recipes from around the world to provide you with a little kitchen inspiration. There are many health … Read More

10 of the Most Popular Dinner Recipes from Around the World

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10 of our most popular dinner recipes from around the world. Travel overseas without leaving your kitchen and enjoy the tastes from exotic locations. One reason I love to cook popular dishes from around the world is that there is so much you can learn about a foreign culture, without leaving home. For example, shopping for a couple of different ingredients from say, a delicatessen, can lead to all sorts of discoveries in the world of food. Here is a … Read More

Easy Entertaining with these Recipes to Make Ahead of Time

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Make it Ahead of Time before the Guests Arrive Easy entertaining with these Recipes to make ahead of time. Here are 8 healthy and tasty recipes from all over the world to prepare ahead. Enjoy the party! Make your entertaining easy with these recipes to make ahead of time. That’s right do all the work before your guests arrive. This leaves you free so you can enjoy your big day or night of entertaining as well. Whether it be for … Read More

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