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How to Plan the Perfect Visit to La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux

One of the many reasons to visit the French city of Bordeaux is to enjoy the wine. If you are a fan of French wine, new to wines or just trying to learn more about wines, a visit to La Cite du Vin will further your knowledge. Often referred to as the Musee du Vin, or Museum of Wine, or the City of Wine, the Cite du Vin museum opened in June 2016 and has been growing in popularity since. … Read More

Everything You Need to Know about Scottish Whisky

Everything you need to Know about Scottish whisky- tasting, buying, and where to go in Scotland to learn more or visit a distillery. And a review of the Scottish Whisky Experience in Edinburgh. Everything You Need to Know about Scottish Whisky I am not sure if I should reveal this fact, but until our first visit to Scotland, some 10 years ago, I didn’t drink Scottish whisky. But as often happens when you travel, you find new tastes and make … Read More

Introducing the Dragon Warmer Fruit Cocktail Recipe from Bhutan

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This fruit cocktail recipe might just be the surprise packet at your next party drinks or holiday cocktails event. Rum cocktails are ever popular, but here is one with a difference as you serve it warm. And of course, with a name like dragon warmer there is bound to be a story to it. And indeed there is. The mystical, Kingdom of Bhutan, high in the Himalayas, reveres the dragon. So much so, a dragon appears on the flag of … Read More

What you Need to Know Visiting Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries

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Do you know what bourbon is and how it varies from other whiskeys? And do you know where the best place is to base yourself to visit Kentucky bourbon distilleries? And which bourbon distilleries to visit? Come along and enjoy a fabulous day or two in the Bluegrass State, touring some fantastic Kentucky bourbon distilleries. Many of the Kentucky Bourbon distilleries offer tours, where you not only learn about the process but also the rather volatile history of this world-famous spirit. … Read More

Wine Tasting in the Tamar Valley of Tasmania: A Day Well Spent

It is hard to pick which was better the wine, lunch or the scenery! What is not hard to decide is we had a fantastic day exploring the wines of the Tamar Valley. If you aren’t familiar with the Tamar Valley, we are in northern Tasmania just outside of Launceston. The area is known for its white wines and it’s Pinot Noir, grape varietals that do well in cool climates. Throughout the Tamar Valley there are over 30 vineyards, most … Read More

On the Trail of Great Whisky in Tasmania

In the mid 1800’s the Governor of Tasmania imposed a prohibition on making distilled spirits. Apparently there was a bit of a drinking problem on the island and the number of distilleries was more than partly to blame. As time passed, the prohibition was forgotten until 1992 when Bill Lark (of what is now Lark Distillery) wanted to start a craft whisky distillery in Tasmania. Luckily for us he did as the whisky in Tasmania is fantastic! Luckily for whisky … Read More

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