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A Pictorial Essay of Life in Bhutan

Where is Bhutan? And, is Bhutan a country? These are both questions we hear. Not much is known about Bhutan. But life in Bhutan is unique to anywhere else. The word “unique” is over-used in the modern world, but not in the case of Bhutan. We have visited many countries but I can’t think of one I have enjoyed more. I make no secret of the fact that I would like to see more people travel there. Travel in Bhutan … Read More

Who Else Wants to Know the Best Places in Bhutan

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The excitement builds when you see Mt Everest, 30 minutes flying time from Bhutan. Then you wonder what will be on your list of the best places in Bhutan? Your Druk Air flight starts to descend. It’s an exciting approach as you seemingly fly between steep mountain valleys. And then you touch down in Paro, the gateway to travel in Bhutan. As Druk Air is the only airline flying into Bhutan, it occurs to me that only a few pilots … Read More

Festivals in Bhutan There is Nothing Else Like Them

Attending festivals in Bhutan might just be the most stirring cultural event you will see. See the mask dance of Bhutan, full of color, outrageous masks and costumes and evocative music. Watching these spellbinding mask festivals is an experience you will never forget. Furthermore, for us, it was the highlight of our trip to Bhutan. To be honest, I cannot think of a cultural event that compares to the opportunity of attending a festival and seeing the famous mask dances … Read More

Find Out Why Ema Datshi is Beloved in Bhutanese Cuisine

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When thinking about great food dishes, an Ema Datshi recipe and Bhutanese cuisine don’t really roll off the tongue. But this cheese chili recipe is full of surprises. What is famous Bhutanese food? Let’s be honest, there isn’t a lot known about Bhutanese cuisine. After all, Bhutan has only just opened its doors to the world in the last few decades. So, if you enjoy discovering new food options, Bhutan’s cheese chili recipe might just be for you. Ema Datshi, … Read More

What is Red Rice and Why it is a Famous Food of Bhutan

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We all know rice is a staple throughout the world, but what is red rice? Here is the lowdown on organic red rice from Bhutan, as well as how to cook it. There are certainly health benefits of eating red rice. Red rice is a famous food of Bhutan. The organic, red rice Bhutan produces is of the highest quality. And Bhutan exports red rice to all parts of the world. And our simple recipe will make sure you are … Read More

The Secret of Bhutan Happiness in the Kingdom of Bhutan

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Mysticism and history are two reasons the Kingdom of Bhutan is so unique. So how to balance progress and introduce reforms to modernize the country without destroying the culture of Bhutan is one of the challenges. And this is what makes a Bhutan visit so worthwhile. Bhutan, landlocked in the Eastern Himalayas, is remote which has allowed the culture of Bhutan to develop its own personality. So different to anywhere else we have traveled. Tourism in Bhutan is still in … Read More

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