Introducing the Dragon Warmer Fruit Cocktail Recipe from Bhutan

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This fruit cocktail recipe might just be the surprise packet at your next party drinks or holiday cocktails event. Rum cocktails are ever popular, but here is one with a difference as you serve it warm. And of course, with a name like dragon warmer there is bound to be a story to it. And indeed there is. The mystical, Kingdom of Bhutan, high in the Himalayas, reveres the dragon. So much so, a dragon appears on the flag of … Read More

See How the Culture of Bhutan Promotes Happiness for the Bhutanese

The Bhutanese are a happy race. And it is the culture of Bhutan which promotes this general feeling of happiness which pervades throughout the country. And the culture of Bhutan is something the government and the Royal Family work very hard at maintaining and improving. The Kingdom of Bhutan measures it success on Gross National Happiness rather than some dry, economist’s, money-centric view of success. It’s an alternative view and other countries are starting to take notice. Regardless of indexes, … Read More

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