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Pub Walks and Circular Walks in the Lake District

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Taking circular walks in the Lake District is a great way to introduce yourself to some fine Lake District views. And pub walks add another dimension! We have long been keen hikers and always look for opportunities to walk wherever we travel. But with most of our hiking having been in Australia and the US, more recently we have really come to appreciate the British (and European) walking culture. What exactly does that mean? In Australia and the US, you … Read More

Who Else Wants to Know the Best Places in Bhutan

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The excitement builds when you see Mt Everest, 30 minutes flying time from Bhutan. Then you wonder what will be on your list of the best places in Bhutan? Your Druk Air flight starts to descend. It’s an exciting approach as you seemingly fly between steep mountain valleys. And then you touch down in Paro, the gateway to travel in Bhutan. As Druk Air is the only airline flying into Bhutan, it occurs to me that only a few pilots … Read More

Hiking Pacaya One of Guatemala’s Most Active Volcanoes in a Day

Guatemala has 37 volcanoes, 3 of them are active. From Antigua, you can climb several volcanoes, two of them active volcanoes, Pacaya (8,373 feet/ 2,552 meters) or Fuego. From elsewhere in the country, you can climb any number of the other dormant volcanoes. So, while we were in Antigua we decided to climb Pacaya, one of Guatemala’s most active volcanoes. It is close and easily accessible, and a short day hike. I know you are dying to know, the third active … Read More

5 Fantastic Bucketlist Destinations that Live up to the Hype

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A bucketlist, a travel wish list, or just places you have always dreamed of going- whatever you want to call it, you often wonder if having dreamt of visiting for years if it really is going to live up to its reputation. Are some of these iconic, bucketlist destinations really worth all the hype? Well this list of five we have visited in the past couple of years definitely do deliver. Despite the crowds, the cost and sometimes the travel … Read More

What to Pack for a Hiking Trip- Our Essential Packing List

We tend to hike most places we go. In fact we tend to choose where we go because we want o either hike or eat, or if we are lucky both! This, our essential packing list, is the hiking gear we usually take with us when we travel. We have been hiking for years. It is a great activity at any age. You can choose trails to make it as strenuous or easy as you like, and it is an … Read More

Spectacular Hiking in the Bay of Fires in Tasmania

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Late Sunday afternoon it rains heavily as we travel toward Launceston. I am counting my lucky stars we have successfully completed hiking in the Bay of Fires before this bad weather reached us. Having just finished three days of hiking in the Bay of Fires along the pristine and undeveloped beaches of northeast Tasmania. It’s mesmerizingly beautiful walking along a coastline which is just stunning in its beauty: white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and birds and wildlife to keep … Read More

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