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How to Make Simple and Healthy Guacamole

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Guacamole can be made on a moment’s notice with everyday ingredients. So just perfect when those unexpected guests drop in or you are looking for a starter for a dinner party. And such a popular dish with people of all ages. The simple, healthy guacamole will be popular no matter what the occasion. With the prime ingredient being healthy avocados, it is also incredibly good for you. Full of good fats and one of the few ingredients that lowers Cholesterol. … Read More

6 Reasons you Need to Visit the Amazing Casa Santa Domingo in Antigua

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The Casa Santa Domingo in Antigua, Guatemala began life as a church and convent. Today it is a lovely, luxury, boutique hotel. But even if you are not a guest, it is well worth a visit. From the outside of the hotel you would never know what awaits.   1. The Museums of Casa Santa Domingo In conjunction with San Carlos de Guatemala University, parts of the original church and convent of Santo Domingo and parts of Santo Tomás de … Read More

At Last a Simple Bloody Mary for a Warm Climate

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Today we feature a simple Bloody Mary for a warm climate. It’s a very simple change to a standard Bloody Mary but results in a lighter and easier drink for a warm and/or humid climate. And, dare I say it, this drink is easier to chug down than the standard Bloody Mary if you are looking to make a night of it. Before we reveal the secret of the simple Bloody Mary for a warm climate, it would be remiss … Read More

Your Guide to the Best Restaurants and Bars in Antigua

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Antigua, Guatemala has many fabulous eateries and bars and in my view, provides the best eating and drinking opportunities in all of Guatemala. And it’s not just typical Guatemalan foods available but the full gamut of cuisines from around the world. Here you will find fabulous steaks, (as good as any you will find in Argentina or Uruguay), Italian pizza and pasta, Thai and Vietnamese food, Mexican food, as well as great breakfast places where you can enjoy a decent … Read More

The Hotel Mil Flores with Fabulous Luxury and Charm

Location: The Hotel Mil Flores in Antigua Antigua, Guatemala is the best-preserved, Spanish-colonial town in all The Americas. This is primarily because Antigua was abandoned in 1773 following a devastating earthquake. Now, thanks to very strict laws around restoration activities, Antigua is a living museum of magnificent old churches, mansions and appealing, outdoor public spaces. Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a very easy and safe place to walk around, with quaint cobblestone streets, magnificent courtyards and … Read More

This Delicious Black Bean Soup is the Best of Guatemala

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This delicious vegetarian black bean soup from Guatemala makes an easy starter. Use the Vitamix or blender for a smooth and creamy consistency. And, discover why Guatemalan food is so healthy! Guatemalan food flies under the radar when it comes to notable cuisines, but it shouldn’t. Today we feature a delicious vegetarian black bean soup which shows off the best of Guatemalan soups. This slightly spicy black bean soup goes for a trip into the Vitamix or blender to deliver … Read More

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