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How to Enjoy your Travels in Central America

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Okay, you’ve booked your trip, you’re headed to Central America! One of the great things about Central America, and probably one of the reasons you’ve booked your vacation there, is the chance to explore another culture, see something new, and try some great foods. So remember, when you arrive there, chances are it will not be like “back home”- wherever that may be! Instead relax and enjoy your travels in Central America and appreciate the differences. Below, we have detailed … Read More

Relaxing at the Beach in the San Blas Islands

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a deserted island in the middle of the Caribbean, with only 20 other people to share it with? Then look no further than the San Blas Islands in Panama. An archipelago, the San Blas Islands, are just above the northern isthmus of Panama, facing the Caribbean Sea. And less than 50 of the 378 islands and cays are inhabited! This is a guest post from Sarah, an avid … Read More

How to Make Simple and Healthy Guacamole

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Guacamole can be made on a moment’s notice with everyday ingredients. So just perfect when those unexpected guests drop in or you are looking for a starter for a dinner party. And such a popular dish with people of all ages. The simple, healthy guacamole will be popular no matter what the occasion. With the prime ingredient being healthy avocados, it is also incredibly good for you. Full of good fats and one of the few ingredients that lowers Cholesterol. … Read More

How to Know if Costa Rica is the Right Destination for You

Pura Vida, Costa Rica’s very successful marketing slogan for years, makes many people dream of visiting the small, Central American country. Honestly, as a traveler, I think Costa Rica and New Zealand have the most successful marketing campaigns I have ever seen! But is Costa Rica the right destination for you? I think it all depends on what you are looking for in your vacation. If you are after nature it might be a good fit. Being from Australia, we … Read More

Copan: A Guide for the First-Time Visitor to the Mayan Ruins in Honduras

Many ruins are left from the Mayan civilization and new ones are still being found. In Guatemala, Tikal, located near Petén, is the largest set of Mayan ruins. Well preserved and not too difficult to get to, Tikal is worthy of a visit if you have time. Having been to Tikal on previous visits to Guatemala, this time we choose to go to Copan, just over the Southern border of Guatemala in Honduras. Copan is known as the arts and … Read More

6 Reasons you Need to Visit the Amazing Casa Santa Domingo in Antigua

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The Casa Santa Domingo in Antigua, Guatemala began life as a church and convent. Today it is a lovely, luxury, boutique hotel. But even if you are not a guest, it is well worth a visit. From the outside of the hotel you would never know what awaits.   1. The Museums of Casa Santa Domingo In conjunction with San Carlos de Guatemala University, parts of the original church and convent of Santo Domingo and parts of Santo Tomás de … Read More

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