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A Malaysian Banquet Featuring Famous Malaysian Dishes

It’s time for another Compass & Fork dinner party! Here is a banquet of famous Malaysian dishes featuring laksa, noodles, creamy chicken curry and dessert. Welcome to another Compass & Fork Dinner Party menu, this time featuring a banquet from the culinary diverse nation of Malaysia. Diverse, because of the many culinary influences at play in Malaysia. With Georgetown, Penang being a major, colonial trading town, people from around the region flocked to Penang for the employment opportunities. Bringing their … Read More

Don’t You Want to Know All About Pengat Pisang?

Pengat pisang is a classic, Malaysian dessert and is easy to make. Our version of this creamy and maybe indulgent dessert comes with a surprise ingredient. Our pengat pisang recipe is quick to make and features sago, a wonderful ingredient which helps thicken this creamy, slightly sweet dessert featuring banana and mango. Pengat pisang (banana) is a dessert you will find throughout Malaysia. It’s a creamy combination of fruit that is a little sweet without being over the top, thanks … Read More

Why this is the Best Kapitan Malaysian Chicken Recipe

Our mildly spiced, best Kapitan Malaysian chicken recipe is a creamy, Malaysian curry sure to please those new to the world of South East Asian curries. Ayam Kapitan is the local name given to one of the many Malaysian chicken recipes available to enjoy throughout the country. Our best Kapitan Malaysian chicken recipe can go by many names. Kapitan chicken and kapitan curry and captain curry are three of those names. Whichever name you use, this nyonya chicken curry is … Read More

Why This Simple Prawn Laksa Recipe is the Best

Our simple prawn laksa recipe brings this SE Asian classic dish right to your table. Enjoy the exotic flavors in this simple yet rich delicious noodle dish. Laksa, I’m not sure there is a South East Asian meal I enjoy more than a good laksa. Exotic flavors, easy seafood (traditional) or chicken stock base, fresh herbs, vegetables and spices, the crunch of bean shoots and those great Asian greens on top. There’s much to like about laksa! Many people shy … Read More

What and Where to Eat in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is a bustling city with a wide range of eating options. If you are visiting and staying anywhere near KLCC (KL City Center), the Pavilion or the Intermark, here are a few suggestions of where and what to eat in Kuala Lumpur. We cover Malaysian favorites, where to find great coffee, and some other international favorites. Like many Asian cities for both comfort and hygiene reasons, many of the street food vendors have been moved into shopping … Read More

The Eastern and Oriental Hotel, Penang’s Most Historic Hotel

Imagine colonial era Britain at the luxurious Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang Malaysia. A review of the Eastern and Oriental Hotel and what to do in 3 days in Penang. At the height of the British Empire, it was said “the sun never sets on the British Empire,” due to the extensive reach of Britain’s empire, leaving at least one part of its territory always in daylight.. Having established colonies and trade routes which spanned the globe, British culture … Read More

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