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Hello and Welcome to Compass & Fork!

Mark & Elizabeth

We are very glad you have found us. Just a quick bit about us, we are Mark and Elizabeth, avid travellers who enjoy slow travel. Since our children are now adults, we have the time to travel at a more leisurely pace and find this allows us to visit a country in a different way than you might on a quick tour or a weekend trip. Our goal is to experience a country more like a local than a tourist. And this is what we would like to share with all of you.

One of the ways we learn about a place is through food so that is a large focus when we travel, but we also enjoy getting to know the culture so we will share what we learn- real food, real people, and real travel stories.

We are pretty healthy and active travellers so you might find information about active adventures- especially hiking, one of frequent activities wherever we go. You will also find travel tips, recipes and dining experiences.

Together we have travelled to over 50 countries (and a few each on our own), worked in about 10, and have a wish list of places still to go a mile long!

Compass & Fork explores a destination in a bit of depth. This means for a minimum of a month you will receive content and posts about the same country, an immersion of sorts.

You are encouraged to approach it as you own virtual vacation:  Learn about the place, the culture, the people, the food. Think whether it is a place you might want to visit and what would be involved. Cook along with us at home, all the recipes for the month will be the same cuisine, but a mix of breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and salads. Enough so that you can find something to try. We will tie it all together at the end of the “trip” with a dinner party menu for you to share with family and freinds.

It provides you the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the food and culture of a country
  • Try some new cuisine in your own kitchen and share it with family and friends (after all food is always better when it is shared)
  • Arouse your curiosity to read or learn more
  • Remind you of your own trip and help you relive the memories and enjoy the food again in your own kitchen
  • Inspire you to travel there yourself someday.

If you have a moment leave a comment- tell us where you’d like to go or share your favorite cuisine, it helps us to plan and provide great content.

So without further ado, grab your Compass & Fork and let’s go.