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Resources for Booking your Dream Trip Bangkok

Resources for Booking your Dream Trip

These are resources we use regularly for booking our own travels and may be helpful when planning your trip. If you would like to know more about why we use these particular vendors you can find out more in our Planning Your Dream Trip Series.

Disclosure:  These are all travel planning and booking resources we regularly use. We are affiliates of these products and if you book using this page, we receive a small commission which helps us to generate an income. We thank you for your support.

Accommodation has a huge selection of accommodation from all over the world. With their flexible search options you can also search for hotels, hostels, or apartments. I like that you can set a price range as well, or search by review ratings. The more you use the site, the greater your discount becomes. After many years of using this site it is unusual for us to find a better rate on another site. Payment terms, inclusions and cancellation policies vary by property and rate so check before you book.

Car Rental Checklist Guide


Save money and don't get stuck
with a car rental bill much higher
than you thought!

Car Rental

The Holiday Autos site reveals all charges and inclusions. The price quoted is the price you will pay. I have tried other car rental sites and even booking directly with the rental car company, only to get there and find the actual price was many times the quoted price by the time they added all their undisclosed extras and mandatory charges. This site eliminates those unpleasant surprises and the rates are fantastic. Includes many local suppliers and has some fantastic rates.

Planning your Trip Turkish lanterns


Car Leasing in Europe (An Affordable Alternative to Car Rental in Europe)

You can lease a brand new car, fully insured to drive in Europe. Renault, Peugeot, Citroen and to a lesser extent Volkswagen offer lease programs in Europe for non-residents. If you are heading to Europe, please read this to learn more about how the Europe car lease program works- it can save you hundreds of dollars on your car rental in Europe.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance from World Nomads offers great flexibility. You can specify coverage by region, duration and activity to ensure you have coverage for the things you plan on your trip. You can upgrade to higher dollar amounts and specify high value items, i.e. camera gear. In our experience service is good and claim payment is fast and hassle free. It is travel insurance designed for travelers. ALWAYS read the terms and conditions of the policy wording/description of coverage and decide if the policy is right for you.