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Things to Do in Sofia Bulgaria, One of Europe’s Most Affordable Destinations

The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is one of Europe’s most affordable destinations. It consistently appears on top budget travel destination lists both for Europe and the world. But just because it is affordable, is it worth visiting? After spending quite a bit of time in both Bulgaria and Sofia, we think both Sofia and Bulgaria are great places to visit. Read on to find things to do in Sofia Bulgaria and discover what makes Sofia one of Europe’s most affordable … Read More

Everything You Need to Know for a Great Trip to Bulgaria  

Where is Bulgaria? Is probably the first thing that springs to mind followed by: and why would I go to Bulgaria? Answers to both those questions follow along with some practical information to assist you in actually planning and ensuring a great trip to Bulgaria. Where is Bulgaria? Bulgaria’s northern border is the Danube River, separating it from Romania. It is bordered by the Black Sea on the east. And 4 other countries:  Greece, Turkey, Serbia, and the Republic of … Read More

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