In the Footsteps of the Incas: The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu is on many people’s bucket list. For some it is just a desire to visit the archaeological site, for others it is the desire to actually follow in the footsteps of the Incas, and walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or follow “Caminos Del Inca” as it is known in Spanish. As keen hikers, we wanted to hike this 26 mile, 4 day trail for a long time. Finally we did! Just us and 500 others; 200 … Read More

Peruvian Ceviche How to Make This Classic at Home

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Ceviche is the national dish of Peru. Simply fresh seafood “cooked” in citrus juice. In Peru it is generally accompanied with corn and squash (pumpkin). If you are after a light, healthy appetizer, then Peruvian ceviche should be on your radar. And another bonus, it is dead simple to make. Ceviche is common and very good throughout Central America, particularly Panama, as well as in South America, Chile in particular. But in Peru the bar is raised, it is simply … Read More

Secrets of the Sacred Valley

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One of the most fascinating aspects of the Sacred Valley of Peru is how much of the ancient ways of life still continue today and also how much is still unknown about the Inca civilization. It is a trip back in time. Yes, there is a lot of new infrastructure to accommodate tourism, but there is a lot still the same as it has been for hundreds of years including agriculture, weaving, and the traditional dress. Add to this the … Read More

How to Make a Pisco Sour & What You Need to Know about Pisco

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One of the great pleasures about travel is you just never know when you are going to stumble over “the next great discovery” in your life. This country in South America has a touch of mysticism about it and indeed delivered for me at least two of those great discoveries, including this great cocktail, Pisco Sour. Welcome to Peru. Home to Machu Picchu, which left me deeply touched as to its significance and the sheer, spiritual power surrounding it, but … Read More

The Best of Books, Cookbooks and Movies about Peru

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Our Hand Picked Selection of Books, Cookbooks and Movies about Peru Books are a great way to both learn about a destination and relive the memories once you return home. This month we hand pick the best of books, cookbooks and movies about Peru to help get you in the mood for the destination we will feature on Compass & Fork in early 2016. We have 4 featured categories: fiction, non-fiction, movies and cookbooks. These are all listed below and … Read More

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