Spotlight on the Secrets of Beef Wrapped in Betel Leaf

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Beef wrapped in betel leaf is just one of those Thai cooking secrets you need to experience. Here beef is spiced with lemongrass, garlic, shrimp paste, ginger, roasted peanuts and some other Thai delights, then wrapped in betel leaf and grilled/broiled. The charred betel leaf protects the meat in the cooking process and imparts a delightful flavor on this exotic filling. Not to mention the wonderful aromas of gently charring food escaping from your BBQ or broiler/grill. It is a … Read More

Thai Spring Rolls with Glass Noodles – an Easy Recipe Sure to Impress!

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Thai spring rolls with glass noodles are deceptively easy to make. Once you have tried and succeeded you will wonder why you have taken so long to make them! Once shallow-fried these spring rolls take on a golden hue and deliver a delightful, crunchy outside. Not to mention the tasty morsels inside. Before I started this glass noodle spring roll recipe, I did wonder if it would work. I had visions of spring rolls improperly wrapped inside the wrapper, exploding … Read More

A First Time Visitor’s Guide to the Best Temples of Thailand

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Buddhist Temples, called wats in Thailand, are common throughout the country. Some are spectacular and well worth seeing. Learning a bit more about Buddhism and visiting a temple can be a great way to learn more about Thai culture. Read on to learn more about some of the best temples of Thailand: Wat Pho and Wat Arun in Bangkok , Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chiang Man in Chiang Mai and Wat Rong Khun in … Read More

This Tom Yum Soup Will Make You Believe You’re In Thailand

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For many people tasting Thai food for the first time, there is a strong chance it will be Tom Yum soup. Often called Hot and Sour soup as well, it is traditionally made with shrimp (prawns). Our recipe today is quick and simple. Only 15 minutes’ preparation time, including making the all-important stock and a further 5 minutes of cooking. No need to go for Thai carry-out, make your own Tom Yum Soup and impress your family and friends. Welcome … Read More

The Best of Books, Cookbooks and Movies about Thailand

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To get you in the mood for Thailand and Thai food this month, we are kicking it off by highlighting our hand-picked selection of the best of books, cookbooks and movies about Thailand You may recall we started Peru with the same type of list. We will endeavor to kick off most months in this fashion. You can find previous months in the Compass & Fork Shop, and you can check out the list of the Best of Books, Cookbooks … Read More

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