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If you are  new to Compass & Fork and just getting started, this is a quick guide to help you get the most out of the Compass & Fork.


If you are looking to learn more about a country and its cuisine, Destinations provides an in-depth view of a country, organizing all food, travel and country specific resources onto one page.

If you have a particular interest- boutique accommodation, hiking, food tours, cooking classes, wine- you can find these group by interest on the “Travel by Interest”.

If you are hunting for a Recipe, these are organized by type (breakfast, lunch, dinner, soup, etc.), length of prep time (quick and easy, 1 hour or less, weekend), and diet type (vegetarian, paleo, dairy free). Or Cuisine.

Every Destination includes product recommendations within the posts these can all be found sorted and grouped in the shop, (these are affiliate links and we do receive some income if you purchase these items):

  • Food Items -all of the specialty ingredients and items for a destination
  • Kitchen Items-  those items you would find in a locals kitchen. Often used to make some of the featured recipes.
  • Cookbooks- if you would like to explore the cooking further
  • Additional Reading and Viewing- which list books and movies relevant to a destination if you would like to learn more about a country or have some relevant reading while you travel.

We are working to add more resources so check back from time to time. or subscribe to our newsletter and we will alert you when new content is added.

We travel a lot, we cook a lot and we have some suggestions, recommendations and opinions we will share from time to time. These are all organized in the Tips section if they are more general in nature (i.e. not destination specific.)

We hope you enjoy reading, cooking and sharing our travels! Please leave your comments, we would love to hear about your experience with the recipes, your own trip or help you with any questions you may have.