Where to Find the Best Coffee in Bucharest, Cocktails and Breakfast in Bucharest Breakfast Artichoke

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Bucharest, Cocktails and Breakfast in Bucharest

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Having a good coffee and cocktail scene in a city is often an indicator of things to come. Usually a good art scene with galleries, exhibitions and local shops featuring local designers seems to go hand in hand with tasty food, coffee and cocktails. Not sure why that is but it is a pattern we notice around the world. So here we share the places for the best coffee in Bucharest, cocktails and breakfast in Bucharest.

Bucharest, has the makings of a fantastic food and art scene. Interestingly, coffee and cocktails seem to lead the way. The coffee boom has hit and the quality and options will only continue to improve. So, none of this has anything to do with traditional Romania but more about modern day Bucharest. If you are interested in where to eat in Bucharest to find traditional Romanian cuisine or try some Romanian wines, please check out our other Bucharest post. It also includes food tours in Bucharest.

Living in Melbourne, we are spoilt with lots of great choices for excellent coffee. Often when we travel we struggle to find a good coffee shop. Regular readers will know we often put the best coffee shop we find in a post. Well much to our surprise there are plenty of good coffee shops in Bucharest so we have several recommendations.

Numerous cocktail bars, wine bars, and “shoterias” also provide drink options in Bucharest.

So, without further ado, here are our recommendations. Where to Find the Best Coffee in Bucharest, Cocktails and Breakfast in Bucharest www.compassandfork.com

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Bucharest

Third Wave coffee shops have definitely found a niche in Bucharest. The best coffee in Bucharest features small roasters dedicated to making a great cup of coffee. Some of our favorites:

Origo Coffee Shop

Both a coffee shop and a roaster, Origo Coffee makes the best coffee in Bucharest. Depending on what you order, the coffee itself varies with the recommendation matching the style. Our cappuccino offered a choice of beans from Ethiopia, Colombia or El Salvador.

The staff at Origo Coffee are all well trained, speak excellent English and the enthusiasm for coffee shines through.

If you can’t get to Origo, Ivy and Top Zero coffee shops serve Origo Coffee.

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Bucharest, Cocktails and Breakfast in Bucharest www.compassandfork.com


Serving food, M60 is probably a good choice for brunch or breakfast in Bucharest. We only stopped in for a coffee and were not disappointed.

M60 serves Guido Coffee, another local coffee shop like Origo, which both roasts coffee and distributes to other coffee shops.

New York Coffees

With outdoor seating and a location right on the edge of the Bucharest Old Town, New York Coffees makes great coffee. It has a bit of an industrial vibe.

If you need a milk alternative, New York Coffees have a full selection.


Seating on the covered portico overlooking a leafy square with a churchyard provides a welcome break from the bustling street.

The coffee is from a small roaster in Cluj, Romania. On the weekends, Artichoke serves breakfast. It is an excellent choice for a fresh, healthy breakfast option on the weekend. And they have great coffee (the combination is difficult to find.)

Other Cafes Serving the Best Coffee in Bucharest

Other coffee shops recommended to us to try include: Bloom Coffee, Guido’s Coffee, Steam, Boiler and Orygins. Definitely signs of a coffee boom in Bucharest. Enjoy!

A Review of The Intercontinental Bucharest The Perfect Place to Stay to Explore the Best of Bucharest www.compassandfork.com

Best Breakfast in Bucharest

We noticed the best coffee shops in Bucharest did not serve breakfast, only good coffee. And the best cafes in Bucharest, did not serve very good coffee. So often the morning routine required two stops, one for a great cup of coffee and one for breakfast.

Service in cafes and restaurants can be slow albeit generally friendly. So, you might need to allow extra time when dining in a cafe or restaurant in Bucharest.

Intercontinental Breakfast Buffet

An excellent choice if you are hungry, the breakfast buffet at the Intercontinental Bucharest is an all you can eat option. Served every day the selection of hot, cold and made to order eggs is extensive.

It also features sparkling wine, fresh squeezed juice and your choice of coffee.

We discovered it while stating at the Intercontinental and is one of the best breakfasts in Bucharest.

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Bucharest, Cocktails and Breakfast in Bucharest Chocolat


A charming café with outdoor dining. Chocolat often appears on a best café list for desserts and they do have an extensive list of choices if you are after something sweet, but we also highly recommend this café for breakfast.

The salty breakfast (what would be called savory in most places) is huge! It includes your choice of cooked eggs, coffee, and all the trimmings including bread, sausages, cheese, and salad.

The selection of fresh juices is also extensive. The menu is the size of a magazine. Arrive hungry and enjoy.


Also on the best coffee in Bucharest list, on the weekend Artichoke serves breakfast. While not cooked breakfast, this option features a selection of the freshest ingredients. Our breakfast included avocado, tomatoes, fresh bread, and a hardboiled egg. And of course, some of the best coffee in Bucharest.

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Bucharest, Cocktails and Breakfast in Bucharest www.compassandfork.com


Winner of the slowest service in town, Simbio makes a lovely choice for brunch or breakfast in Bucharest. Not opening until 10 am on Sunday (Bucharest is not an early morning town), the outdoor courtyard is a lovely setting for breakfast. Arrive early or make a booking as the courtyard was full.

Service was incredibly slow with the first meals not appearing from the kitchen until almost 11 am.

You might skip the coffee, and go for a fresh juice instead.

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Bucharest, Cocktails and Breakfast in Bucharest


For a quick and casual breakfast try one of the local bakeries. Very near the Intercontinental Bucharest, is Gigi’s. We first noticed it due to the lengthy line outside.

It is a popular stop with locals for breakfast during the week. Try the covrigi- a cross between a bagel and a Turkish simit or the local donuts, plain or filled with cheese and raisins. Delicious!


Handmade Cocktails in Bucharest

Bucharest has a good cocktail scene and compared to some places, handmade cocktails are quite reasonably priced.

Some places to try:


A fantastic coffee shop by day, Origo changes to a hip cocktail bar at night. In addition to the usual cocktails, Origo has created a series of “concept” cocktails. Each taste, salty, sweet, bitter, unami, and sour is matched to liquor and has a cocktail created to match.

The presentation and the cocktails were fantastic. Highly recommend. The experience is top notch and as good as you’ll see anywhere in the world.



Just like it sounds, a shoteria is a bar specializing in shots. And while not typically our style, we went as part of a large group from #ExperienceBucharest, and found it to be a lot of fun. In addition to the usual sweet options they both served some more sophisticated style shots.

If you like shots, stop in for drink at either of the shorterias in the Old Town of Bucharest: Shoteria Statia Fantastica or Shoteria Bucharesti

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Bucharest, Cocktails and Breakfast in Bucharest www.compassandfork.com

Pura Vida Sky Bar

With a rooftop view in Old Town Bucharest, the Pura Vida Sky Bar, makes a beautiful place to have an early evening drink. It is up five flights of stairs but the climb is worth it!

Often featuring acoustic music, it has a great vibe and is a good place to meet other travelers and trade recommendations of what to see and do in Bucharest.

For wine bars, food tours and traditional Romanian cuisine please see this list of other places to eat and drink in Bucharest.


We visited Bucharest as guests of #ExperienceBucharest, a five-day event featuring media and influencers from all over the world.







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