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A Foodies Guide to the Best of Thailand

- 24

Southeast Asia is a food lover’s paradise, and Thai is one the most popular cuisines in the region. The food is fresh, delicious and cheap. With a wide selection of street food, cheap and cheerful restaurants and fine dining, there is no end to the places to eat to find tasty, authentic, local food. So for you the traveler and fellow food lover, this is a foodies guide to the best of Thailand. Use it to plan your food tours, … Read More

8 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Chiang Mai

- 10

Often overlooked by people visiting Thailand in favor of the beaches or Bangkok, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand offers a lot to see and do. Here are 8 reasons why you need to visit Chiang Mai.   1. Try the Fantastic Street Food There is a lot of street food available in Chiang Mai. It is good and very inexpensive. Seriously you can eat for $1-$3 USD per person. Chiang Mai is near the heart of Thai agricultural land, so … Read More

Peruvian Stuffed Peppers Direct from Arequipa

- 34

Peruvian stuffed peppers is a dish which is the pride and joy of Arequipa, the white city, Peru’s second largest behind Lima. Locally known as Rocoto Relleno, it makes a hearty meal when served with scalloped potatoes. Eating it is like being transported to Arequipa for the duration of your meal! No ground meat or rice used here. The filling includes diced pork and beef, hard-boiled eggs, salad onion and peanuts, all deliciously flavored with various spices. The signature piece … Read More

11 of Melbourne’s Best Food Shops and Cooking Classes

- 14

You know the shops, from the moment you see them, you want to walk in. Warm and inviting. And once you are in, the smell, the ambiance, you know you are somewhere special. The hardest decision is what to buy! This month we are discovering Melbourne, and today we are going to explore 11 of Melbourne’s best food shops and cooking classes. Those special shops that you just love, that you want to return to time and time again. And … Read More

Cooking Schools in Hoi An and a Recipe for Easy, Fresh Spring Rolls

- 10

A trip through Hoi An  the prettiest part of Vietnam and the acknowledged food capital of the country inspired these fresh spring rolls, wrapped in rice paper. In this post we review 2 great cooking schools in Hoi An as well as the recipe for these healthy and tasty, fresh spring rolls. We detailed some of the activities you can undertake in world-heritage listed Hoi An, but for me at least, the highlight of this town was the food. And … Read More

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