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Where to Find the Best of the Zagreb Food Scene

When thinking about international cuisine, Croatia is probably not the first country that comes to mind. Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French or just a good old burger are more likely suspects. However, what this small Mediterranean country offers in gastronomy should not be underestimated, as you can taste some fantastic wines and heavenly seafood dishes in Croatia.   And the food scene in the capital city of Zagreb is exceptionally vibrant and offers something for quite literally everyone. If you’re looking … Read More

A Smoked Beef Brisket Recipe

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This smoked beef brisket recipe is perfect for a crowd. It will also deliver bragging rights to you for best smoked brisket! Mention the word barbecue to an American and you are almost guaranteed to receive an opinion on whose is the best style and from which part of the country it hails from. But with this easy barbecue brisket recipe you can make your own at home. Although the rest of the world associates the word barbecue as the … Read More

7 Day Emerald Princess Alaska Cruise, Tips and Tricks

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A Review of our Emerald Princess Cruise of Alaska’s Inside Passage It was with some trepidation we arrived at the cruise ship dock for our Seattle to Alaska cruise. We were about to board for a one-week Emerald Princess Alaska cruise sailing the beautiful, glacier-lined Inside Passage. Why the trepidation? Prior to this our largest cruise ship had a capacity of 135 passengers (and there were only 85 of us)! So, 3500 passengers on one ship was mind blowing and … Read More

How to Make Easy Carolina Ribs with Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce

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Carolina ribs with a vinegar based BBQ sauce are on the menu today. A Carolina bbq sauce guarantees excellent results in either the oven or smoker. As I have a BBQ smoker, my preference is to cook my Carolina ribs in it to impart some extra, smoky flavor. We are using a vinegar based BBQ sauce recipe utilizing everyday ingredients as a marinade for the ribs. Then we cook them low and slow on the BBQ smoker. So very good … Read More

One Day In Seattle: A Complete Itinerary

If you only have one day in Seattle, focusing on the downtown area is an easy option. There is a lot to see in Washington State’s largest city. We suggest you use our do-it-yourself Seattle one day itinerary to explore the best this city has to offer. A one-day outing is perfect if you are in town for a cruise or business meeting with a bit of spare time to explore. Our itinerary allows you to explore Seattle in a … Read More

How to Make Easy Moroccan Spiced Oranges

Moroccan spiced oranges make an easy Moroccan dessert recipe. Looking for recipes for fresh oranges? We feature two easy versions of Moroccan spiced orange. You would be wrong to assume that Moroccan spiced oranges doesn’t sound that exciting. You will find them everywhere throughout Morocco and if it is good enough for a well-regarded cooking school to feature it, then I think it is fairly safe to assume it is good enough for us. Our main recipe for Moroccan spiced … Read More

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