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Italy- Expo Milano 2015

We are headed to the Expo Milano 2015, the latest Universal Exhibition, once known as the World’s Fair. It runs 1 May- 31 October 2015. We are publishing a guide to the expo and a whole series of posts about other food related things to do in Northern Italy. More information about the Milan EXPO and what to do after the EXPO can be found in our later post, which is now live.   If you would like to receive … Read More

Sultan’s Delight Recipe from the Imperial Kitchen at Topkapi Palace

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This is a fantastic Sultan’s Delight recipe, you will be proud to serve it for family and friends. The recipe dates back 600 years. It originates in the Royal Kitchens at Topkapi Palace in what is now the city of Istanbul. The sultan was so delighted with this meal and the name, Sultan’s Delight, stuck. There are many variations of Sultan’s Delight. We ate it in a restaurant in Turkey and made it at home. We liked the one at … Read More

Turkish Warm Lentil Salad Recipe

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There is a funny story behind putting the recipe for Turkish Warm Lentil Salad together. In Turkey, lentils are traditionally of the red variety. We thought that we might be a little different and make the Turkish Warm Lentil Salad with green lentils, as we had thought we had seen them at the market. So, whilst shopping at the local market, we sourced our green lentils. No problem. Or so we thought. The problem became evident when it took forever … Read More

10 Things to Know Before You Visit Turkey

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Hoşgeldiniz (Welcome) to Turkey, or Anatolia, as it is known to the locals. We have a lot of content on Compass & Fork about Turkey, including some great recipes. To help get you started, here are 10 things to know before you visit Turkey. All very helpful if you are planning to visit Turkey: So 10 Things to Know Before You Visit Turkey 1. Great Coastline (and you can Ski too) Turkey is a country of breathtaking beauty and diversity. … Read More

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