Fethiye and the Lycian Coast

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Fethiye and the Lycian coast in general, is a good place to base yourself. Around Fethiye there is stunning scenery with crystal clear, blue waters, a beautiful harbor, snow capped mountains, and ancient rock tombs overlooking the city all add to the allure. The harbor area features lots of restaurants, easy access to water sports and beach activities including diving, yachting, charter services for “gullet” trips, dinner cruises and day trips on boats. (You can also get to Rhodes (Greece) … Read More

Shish Kebaps

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Being an Australian, I take great interest in all things that can be cooked on a BBQ. Maybe it’s something that all males inherit as part of our genetic make up to provide food? The great desire to cook raw meat over a fire is for me, one of life’s great pleasure. I’m sure that there is a more culturally significant description than this but who cares? All I know is that I love BBQ’s and so do most males … Read More

Why April is the Best Time to Visit Istanbul

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Are you looking for the best time to visit Istanbul? Or Turkey in general? Generally May or September are thought of as the best time to visit Istanbul, but here are three reasons why April might be the best time of all. 1. The International Tulip Festival Tip-toe through the tulips! 2015 is the 10th anniversary of the International Tulip Festival in Istanbul. Prior to our visit I did not associate tulips (lale) with Turkey at all. Like many people, … Read More

Istanbul Off the Beaten Path

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Getting beyond Sultanhamet Let’s start by getting my bias out in the open . . . I loved Istanbul. So much so I would buy the I ♥ Istanbul T-shirt! It has it all. Water. History. Culture. Iconic buildings. Great Food! It’s safe (seriously for a city this size, it feels very safe). Easy to get around using public transport (see the Istanbul Kart below). Friendly people. And did I mention the Tulips! While it is bustling, people are courteous, … Read More

Turkish Coffee or Tea Anyone?

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Traditional Turkish Coffee What visit to Turkey would be complete without trying Turkish Coffee? After 500 years of coffee history, the traditional Turkish coffee is still plentiful throughout Turkey and makes a perfect break in any long day of sightseeing. Many Turks consider coffee to be Turkey’s gift to the world. We were fortunate, on our visit to Topkapi Palace there was an exhibit “A Drop of Pleasure: 500 Years of Turkish Coffee”, which was sponsored by UNESCO. Some interesting … Read More

The Grand Bazaar, The Blue Mosque and Turkish Ceramics

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Learning about Turkish Ceramics: the Influence of Iznik & a Visit to Avanos A Trip to the Grand Bazaar As you travel around Turkey you will see beautiful ceramics- in shops, in restaurants, as ceramic tiles on floors, walls and in bathrooms. The colors and patterns are varied and there is something for every purpose and everyone’s tastes. I would venture to guess many people return home with some piece of Turkish ceramics (or a Turkish rug). However there is … Read More

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