Exploring the Natural Beauty of Bariloche

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San Carlos De Bariloche, or just Bariloche, is a beautiful town in Argentina on the shores of Lake (Lago) Nahuel Huapi. Looking like something from a child’s story book, Bariloche is picture perfect. The lake is a stunning deep blue color, especially when it reflects the sky. The town is surrounded by mountains and the architecture has a definite alpine feel. A destination in all seasons, Bariloche has a lot to offer. With peaks reaching up to 2000 meters, in … Read More

Patagonia Seven Fascinating Facts of Interest

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Patagonia is the vast area at the bottom of South America. It is a land just calling out for descriptive adjectives: vast, remote, beautiful, breathtaking, windy, rugged, and wild. If you ever wanted to get away from it all and appreciate nature at its finest, Patagonia is it. And it is a place many of us know little about, so here we go Patagonia Seven Fascinating Facts of Interest. Having long been on our Top 10 Travel Wishlist, we can’t wait … Read More

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