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Travel and Foodies Guide to the Best of Peru

Welcome to our travel and foodies guide to the best of Peru. I’m struggling to name another country with as much diversity as Peru. Peru was the epicenter of the Inca empire so there’s plenty of history.Then there is the influence of the Spanish and the people of the Amazon region, and more recent history brings Japanese influence as well. Geographically, Peru contains most of the world’s known climatic zones as well, which all just adds to the interest for … Read More

The Best Way to Explore the Amazing Amazon Rainforest

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The Amazon Rainforest is a mystical place, with more species of wildlife, than anywhere else on the planet. Many of them are still undiscovered and undocumented. The biodiversity is incredible. One of the ways to help protect the rainforest from development is to visit as a tourist. Tourism to the Amazon Rainforest brings in much needed jobs and money to the local communities and has been instrumental in stopping deforestation of this amazing biosphere. It is remote and difficult to … Read More

How to Find the Best Local Experiences in Latin America

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We have traveled extensively through Latin America and spent considerable time there over the past few years, both as tourists and whilst working. One thing we found difficult is finding good, local tour operators and authentic experiences with local guides. Your choice is large international tour operators or go it alone. Many businesses in Central America lack websites, some do have a Facebook page, but finding them is the issue! And if you do locate them, you just hope they … Read More

How to Grill a Steak Like You’re in Argentina

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Grilled steak is a classic dish enjoyed all around Buenos Aires. Today we feature a recipe and instructions how to cook the perfect steak, Argentinian style, as if it was straight off the parrilla (BBQ). So read on to learn how to grill a steak like you’re in Argentina. The quantity of beef consumed in Argentina is quite staggering really but is no surprise once you have tasted beef from stock raised on the famous, Argentine pampas. What makes it … Read More

8 Fascinating Things No One Tells You about Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is a vibrant city at the heart of Argentina. With a population of over 12 million people, it is a large city with a lot to see and do. There is something for every visitor no matter your interest. But here are a few facts that might surprise you! Read on for the 8 fascinating things no one tells you about Buenos Aires! 1. Their Italian Heritage Between 1880-1920 huge numbers of Italians immigrated to Buenos Aires. This, … Read More

Peru Itinerary: How to Make the Most of 2-3 Weeks in Peru

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So, you have the time to spend more than 2 weeks in Peru and you’re looking for some trip suggestions? Continue reading to discover the most magical locations in Peru and advice how for planning your travels through the country. We’ve made sure your Peru Itinerary (3 weeks) contains the best destinations and tips for having a great trip in this country. We recommend spending at least two weeks in Peru, but we’ve also included the places you should visit … Read More

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