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The Secrets of the Swiss Potato Rosti Revealed

- 14

Swiss potato rosti are simply grated poatato cakes. They are easy to make for a very gourmet breakfast, lunch or brunch. It is probably the inspiration for the American “hash brown”. Many people consider it to be the Swiss National dish, especially those living in German-speaking Switzerland. A potato rosti recipe makes a  delicious dish and provides some indoor “exercise” with a fair amount of potato grating to be undertaken! Sounds like a good excuse to involve the kids to … Read More

The Best Things to See and Do at Lake Lucerne

- 20

The Best Things to See and Do at Lake Lucerne Lake Lucerne’s crystal clear waters, lush green vegetation and the dramatic backdrop of the Swiss Alps combine creating a stunningly, beautiful landscape. If you have a few days to spend in the area here are the best things to see and do at Lake Lucerne. Along the lakeshore, you will find the town of Weggis, known as the “Riviera of Switzerland”. This small village is an excellent place to stay … Read More