Things To Do in Hobart: Weekend Itinerary For Up To 3 Days in Tasmania

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Hobart Everything You Need for a Great Weekend Escape www,www.compassandfork.comHobart is small enough to explore in a weekend and big enough to have plenty to do to keep you busy. So if you haven’t been to Hobart yet, what are you waiting for- here is everything you need for a great weekend escape in Hobart.

Visit Salamanca Market

Let’s start the weekend off right with a stop to the Salamanca Market on Saturday. Held near the waterfront this market is a Tasmanian institution. It sells baked goods, prepared foods, produce and all kinds of handicrafts and local Tasmania made goods.

One of the highlights of the day during our visit was Grandewe Cheese & Distillery. The dairy, which raises, milks and makes fantastic goat cheese has a stall. You can try their cheeses and their craft spirits which use the sheep whey from the cheesery making vodka and liqueur. (And if you head south of Hobart you stop in and visit the cheesery in Birch’s Bay- it does have fantastic views!

Hobart Everything You Need for a Great Weekend Escape

Explore Hobart’s Historic Waterfront

As you leave the market you are very close to the historic waterfront area of Hobart. You can stop in at the visitor center and get a map to explore the area or wander about on your own.

There are a lot of ships, warehouses and historic buildings which give Hobart its timeless feel. This area is great to just wander around and see what you discover. There is a replica of Mawson’s Hut, a famous Australia Antarctica expedition from the early 1900’s. Accommodation has come a long way and it is still harsh today!

When you have had enough, it is time to find a good place for a drink and an evening meal. There are plenty of choices around town.

If you head further inland from the waterfront, a lot of the historic buildings in Hobart were built in the art deco era. Many, if not most of these buildings, are still there and in use.

Several of Tasmania’s award winning whisky distilleries have cellar doors in Hobart and this is a great way to taste the local whisky during your visit. Two to try on the waterfront are Nant and Lark Distilleries. Look for our longer post coming up shortly about the craft whisky industry in Tasmania.

Hobart Everything You Need for a Great Weekend Escape www,

Hobart Everything You Need for a Great Weekend Escape www,www.compassandfork.comVisit MONA-the Museum of Old and New

As you start day 2, head back to the historic waterfront to catch the ferry to MONA- The  Museum of Old and New Art and the museum that is rapidly putting Tasmania on the map for the international art scene.

MONA runs its own ferry service from the waterfront right to the museum. On the grounds is also Moorilla Winery, a brewery, several restaurants and cafe. You can make a full day of it!

MONA is a privately funded museum, the largest in Australia, and is the eclectic collection of David Walsh. It features antiquities, modern and contemporary art in building that was designed for the museum. It is a definitely a unique experience and highly recommend if you go to Hobart!

MONA can be your entire day, beginning and ending with the ferry ride, or when you are done exploring head back to Hobart to find a good place for dinner and drinks.

Hobart Everything You Need for a Great Weekend Escape www,   Hobart Everything You Need for a Great Weekend Escape www,

Hobart Everything You Need for a Great Weekend Escape www,

Foodie Highlights of Hobart

Hobart Everything You Need for a Great Weekend Escape www.compassandfork.comAnd don’t forget to try the seafood especially the oysters, which Tasmania is famous for and the Tassie Scallop pies also a treat! There are plenty of places for great seafood along the waterfront everything from take away fish and chips to fine dining. You can also buy fresh seafood to make at home.

Definitely don’t miss the opportunity to try the local whisky- many of Tasmania’s producers are quite small and not widely distributed. This is your best chance to find it and taste it. You can also buy bottles to take home.

And as we have to go in search of great coffee wherever we go- the best coffee we found in town- check out Small Fry.

If You Go to Hobart

No need to rent a car if you are just going to be in the city of Hobart itself. You can walk most places or take a cab.

There is a wide selection of hotels in the city and waterfront area; you can find something for every budget.

Check the MONA website for ferry times and opening hours. The Salamanca Market is every Saturday rain or shine 8 am – 3pm.


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