Easy Ciabatta for Adding a Touch of Class

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Easy Ciabatta for Adding a Touch of Class www.compassandfork.comThis easy ciabatta is just one of those simple ways to enhance a meal to give it a touch of class. And it requires very little effort or cost to do so.

Easy Ciabatta is Low Cost and High Flavor

Great Bread - Easy Ciabatta for Adding a Touch of Class www.compassandfork.comI was thinking I would not create a separate post for such a simple thing to prepare. Grilling - Easy Ciabatta for Adding a Touch of Class www.compassandfork.comBut then I realized when you go to a restaurant and enjoy a really good meal, it is the little things like sauces, relishes and other accompaniments that really lift the whole dining experience.

Maybe too much focus is attached to the main event?

That’s how I feel about ciabatta. It’s a simple thing that tastes so good! It gives an immediate lift to whatever you are serving it with. Quick and simple to prepare and cook and at a very low cost with a high taste return.

That’s my accounting speak to justify this dish at least!

Easy Ciabatta for Adding a Touch of Class www.compassandfork.comAnd what can you serve it with? Any soup or stew works well. It is also a good accompaniment for seafood and dips or any pre-dinner snacks or platters. Here are a few suggestions:

All you need is good, crusty bread, some olive oil and a clove or two of garlic. If you are thinking of providing toast, why not spend one extra minute to give it the ciabatta treatment? Golden and full of flavor!



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Easy Ciabatta
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Easy Ciabatta
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If you are serving toast with a soup or stew why not make grilled ciabatta? With the addition of olive oil and raw garlic, it brings on a whole new flavor-packed dimension. Grill under the broiler or on your BBQ.
Servings Prep Time Cook Time
3slices 1minute 3minutes
Servings Prep Time
3slices 1minute
Cook Time
Servings: slices
Servings: slices
  1. With a pastry brush, apply the olive oil onto both sides of the bread. Grill both sides under a broiler/grill. The grill on a BBQ or Weber is even better as you will attain those great, grill marks on the bread. Remove the bread, when golden in color.
  2. Rub the raw garlic, cut-side down onto the grilled bread. Serve immediately.Ciiabatta Served with Greek Steamed Mussels - Easy Ciabatta for Adding a Touch of Class www.compassandfork.com
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Easy Ciabatta for Adding a Touch of Class www.compassandfork.com

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