How You Can Make Quick Easy French Chocolate Mousse

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How You Can Make Quick Easy French Chocolate Mousse www.compassandfork.comA French chocolate mousse recipe following the traditional, French method. Grab some good quality eggs and chocolate, find 15 minutes time. Quick and easy.

French chocolate mousse is not just popular in France but in many countries right around the world. It is certainly a dessert you will find on many restaurant menus. “Mousse au Chocolat” is also surprisingly easy to put together as I can attest, as this was my first attempt to make it.

A rich chocolate flavor with a velvety texture but which somehow feels like it is feathery light. It’s almost a contradiction but somehow a good, French chocolate mousse recipe achieves all of this. No wonder it is such a popular dessert! And, popular with all ages.

A traditional, French chocolate mousse is also quick to make. There is no real cooking. You whisk the egg whites melt the chocolate, add the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla, fold in the egg whites, place the mixture in serving glasses and refrigerate. That’s 15 minutes work and some time in the refrigerator to make one of the world’s classic desserts.

The two most important ingredients in your chocolate mousse are the eggs and the chocolate.

But Which Chocolate to Use?

Have you considered which chocolate to use? For example, you might use milk chocolate, dark chocolate or bittersweet chocolate. You can also use a combination of chocolates. Some people enjoy white chocolate mousse or even avocado chocolate mousse.

How You Can Make Quick Easy French Chocolate Mousse www.compassandfork.comThere is no correct answer to this. All these different chocolates work. Go for the chocolate taste that you like. My preference is for a rich bittersweet or dark chocolate mousse but when I was younger I didn’t care at all for dark chocolate. Back then, it was all about the milk chocolate.

If you want a rich chocolate mousse, the higher quality the chocolate, the richer it will be. Brands differ around the world. I used Ghirardelli brand and I was very happy with the result. You don’t need a huge amount of chocolate, so use the best quality you can afford.

French Chocolate Mousse Recipe

In terms of ingredients, although it is the chocolate  everyone thinks about, the eggs are actually the most important ingredient. The eggs must be fresh (as they are not cooked) and they need to be at room temperature if you keep them in the refrigerator. Further, when beating or whisking the egg whites, stop once soft peaks start forming.

Once the chocolate has melted, allow it to cool slightly, but not too long. If the chocolate cools too much, it will start setting again and it will be difficult to fully incorporate the egg yolks and the egg whites into the chocolate mixture. Once all the ingredients are incorporated into the chocolate, do not over-mix. (Step 3).

How You Can Make Quick Easy French Chocolate Mousse www.compassandfork.comMake sure you refrigerate the prepared chocolate mousse for a minimum 4 hours before serving. The upside of this is a French chocolate mousse recipe is perfect for a dinner party.

You can serve the chocolate mousse with whipped cream or with a dusting of chocolate powder with fruit like strawberries and blueberries or just serve it plain. They’re all good!

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How You Can Make Quick Easy French Chocolate Mousse
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French chocolate mousse is not only a tasty sweet treat but easy to make as well. Make sure the finished product is refrigerated for 4 hours before serving. I added the garnishes immediately before serving.
Servings Prep Time Passive Time
8people 15minutes 4hours
Servings Prep Time
8people 15minutes
Passive Time
Servings: people
Servings: people
  1. Separate the egg yolks and whites. Reserve the egg yolks. Place the egg whites in a mixing bowl with a pinch of salt. Beat or whisk the whites until soft peaks form. Reserve. How You Can Make Quick Easy French Chocolate Mousse
  2. Use a double boiler to melt the chocolate. Allow to cool slightly. How You Can Make Quick Easy French Chocolate Mousse
  3. To the chocolate, add the reserved egg yolks one at a time and mix well to combine. Then add the vanilla essence. Then gently fold in 1/3 of the egg whites. Repeat with the remaining 2/3 of egg whites.
  4. Spoon into serving glasses and refrigerate for a minimum 4 hours. Prior to serving, add any optional garnishes.

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