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Patagonia Travel Tips: Everything You Need to Know

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 Patagonia Travel Tips – Everything you need for planning your trip to Patagonia, including bus, flights, visas, travel tips, planning resources and itinerary suggestions. Surrounded by peaks, glaciers and lakes, Patagonia is one of the most beautiful travel destinations to add to your list. All over the region of Patagonia, travel is considered to be quite difficult. But with the right tips and tricks, you’ll know how to get to Patagonia, how to pick accommodation, and of course, what food … Read More

Money Saving Tips for Traveling Around Turkey

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Turkey is a large country and traveling around Turkey requires you to cover some vast distances. This post aims to help you decide how you would like to travel and give you some money saving tips for traveling around Turkey. Outside of some of the major cities, there is no freeway, you drive through each town (complete with red lights, so it is slow at times, so road travel may not be the best option). There is good public transport … Read More

Traveling in Italy: What you Need to Know

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Travel within Italy For travel between cities and towns use the train. Trenitalia, the national train system, offers frequent and extensive service. Buying your tickets for intercity well in advance will save you money. Using the train for traveling in Italy is easy and convenient. Some routes are serviced by the high-speed train which makes fewer stops and is very convenient for longer distances. In addition to intercity travel, the bus and train system is quite extensive and useful for … Read More

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