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2017 Travel Wish List An Optimistic Look at the New Year

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How do we decide where to travel? It is actually a bit of wishful thinking, practicalities, family and friends, and financial realities all competing. From there we do a little research and start to formulate a plan. Plans change and usually the year never ends up as we think it will, but hey- the best laid plans! So Our Initial Thinking for 2017 As there are two of us, we each keep a Top 10 list of where we want … Read More

Great Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers

Based on our many years of travel, and having now visited over 70 countries, here are our gift ideas for frequent travelers. Find something on this list to make your own (or someone you know) travels a bit better! Note: some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase we may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support. Gifts to Inspire Wanderlust A Travel Magazine Subscription A subscription to a Travel magazine … Read More

How to Plan that Unique American Road Trip

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When I was growing up as a child, there was nothing I looked forward to more than road tripping to discover new and exciting travel places. In those days, domestic airfares were extremely expensive and it was not an option to fly the whole family. We went in the family car with our parents and/or our grandparents. And thus began my love of a great road trip! So I am very excited to share our planning for our unique American … Read More

The Perfect New York City Stopover

Many flights pass through New York City, especially when you’re travelling to Europe. Rather than passing through the airport, why not stop for a couple of days and explore New York City? Most people have some idea of what to do in the city, but you won’t have time to see everything in two short days. Use this guide to plan the perfect New York City stopover. Book a Convenient Hotel With only two to three days for your short … Read More

Everything You Need to Know for a Great Trip to Bulgaria  

Where is Bulgaria? Is probably the first thing that springs to mind followed by: and why would I go to Bulgaria? Answers to both those questions follow along with some practical information to assist you in actually planning and ensuring a great trip to Bulgaria. Where is Bulgaria? Bulgaria’s northern border is the Danube River, separating it from Romania. It is bordered by the Black Sea on the east. And 4 other countries:  Greece, Turkey, Serbia, and the Republic of … Read More

9 Things You Need to Know About Traveling Abroad

What No One Tells You, but Should, About Traveling to a Different Country It’s a big enough step to book your plane ticket outside the safe confines of your country’s borders, but it’s a whole other ball game to be bombarded with the inevitable moments of culture shock and hiccups you’re sure to encounter once entering a foreign country. A great deal of us travelers have gone in blind (confession: some of us kind of enjoy it as well), but … Read More

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