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Atlanta vs. Charlotte for a Fall Weekend

If you want to enjoy the crisp clear Autumn weather and get in a final weekend getaway before winter arrives, where would you choose, Atlanta or Charlotte for a fall weekend? Using some criteria specifically designed for the fall season: fall foliage, outdoor activities, food and wine, price, accessibility and accommodation options, we look at what Atlanta and Charlotte offer for a fall weekend getaway. Atlanta for a Fall Weekend Getaway Fall Foliage in Atlanta With a wide variety of … Read More

Chicago and New Orleans for Blues Music

Where to find the Best Live Blues Music in Chicago and New Orleans Blues Music in the USA is associated with three cities, Memphis, Chicago and New Orleans. And indeed, America is the home of Blues music. Having originated in the deep south with African American communities in the Mississippi Delta, Blues music slowly began to spread northward as migration headed North after the Civil War. In the 1920’s Blues music was very popular in New Orleans, Memphis, Detroit and … Read More

The Best Things to Do in Bucharest Romania

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Bucharest was a city full of surprises. It is a bustling city, with an air about it as if something big is about to happen. Now is an exciting time to visit, before the rest of the world finds out about Bucharest and all it must offer. So here we share the best things to do in Bucharest that we discovered on our visit. Some Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Bucharest I always find some of these amazing, and … Read More

Savannah will Romance You with Its Charm

Having visited Louisville and Charleston, Savannah was our third and last stop on our road trip through the Southern USA. I have fond memories of Savannah having visited often when I was a kid. Savannah was the closet city to my grandparent’s house in rural Georgia. I remember the old historic homes and the Spanish moss hanging from the trees. The Spanish Moss (which isn’t Spanish and isn’t moss) drapes romantically from the live oak trees giving everything a dreaming … Read More

Why is Savannah Known as the Most Haunted City the USA?

Do you believe in ghosts? We have taken a few ghost tours over time and I must say I do find them fascinating. We even spent a night in the Old Melbourne Gaol while they were filming an episode of Ghost Hunters, but that is a story for another time. Savannah, Georgia is known as one of the most haunted cities in the USA, so we knew we had to take a ghost tour and find out  why! Ghosts in … Read More

Charleston Today and Its Role in the Fascinating History of the South

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We arrived in Charleston today just in time to join a walking tour of this historic southern city. As part of our road trip through the Southern USA, Charleston was one of the cities we were really looking forward to visiting. It has received a lot of recent media accolades including: the World’s Best City by Travel +Leisure, the #1 city in the USA by Conde Nast Traveler and we’ve seen reports everywhere of the fantastic, Low Country food in … Read More

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