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How to Eat your way Around the World in Melbourne

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We have alluded to it in other Melbourne posts, but here is the post you’ve been waiting for, where to find cuisines from around the world in Melbourne. Melbourne’s strong history of immigration from around the world includes people from Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Sudan, Turkey, Vietnam and many other nationalities that now call Melbourne home. And lucky Melbourne, they all brought their cuisines with them! This is not a definitive guide, honestly I don’t know how you could ever make … Read More

Insider Tips to Make the Most of your Melbourne Visit

- 18 A Guide to what to do and see in Inner City Melbourne Planning a Melbourne visit? We encourage you to get outside the CBD (Central Business District or downtown area) and explore inner-city Melbourne. This is the area within about 5 kilometers of Melbourne CBD and it has some great little hidden gems which many visitors miss. In this post we introduce you to these great neighborhoods and share some of our insider tips to help you make the … Read More

A Guide to the Fabulous Melbourne Markets

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Melbourne has some fantastic markets. You can find anything at the Melbourne markets if you just know where to shop. They are great to find fresh food, save some money, or find a unique gift. So let’s get started with 10 of the best markets in Melbourne.. Melbourne’s Markets: Inner City Food Markets 1. Queen Victoria Market (CBD) The oldest and largest of Melbourne markets the Queen Victoria Market  (or Queen Vic as it is called by the locals) regularly … Read More

Spotlight on Marvelous Melbourne World Best for Sport?

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Where in the world is there a public holiday to celebrate a horse race? Why Melbourne, of course. The first Tuesday in November is Melbourne Cup Day, one of the world’s premier horse races. That’s tomorrow! Welcome to Melbourne, Australia. Home to a beautiful city, great coffee and food, the arts and possibly the world’s most fanatical sports followers. Is Melbourne world best for sport? Read on and why don’t you be the judge. Melbourne people are fanatical about sports. … Read More

Istanbul Off the Beaten Path

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Getting beyond Sultanhamet Let’s start by getting my bias out in the open . . . I loved Istanbul. So much so I would buy the I ♥ Istanbul T-shirt! It has it all. Water. History. Culture. Iconic buildings. Great Food! It’s safe (seriously for a city this size, it feels very safe). Easy to get around using public transport (see the Istanbul Kart below). Friendly people. And did I mention the Tulips! While it is bustling, people are courteous, … Read More

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