2016 Wish List: An Optimistic Look at the New Year

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Our 2016 Wish List of where we would like to Travel!

2016 Wish List An Optimistic Look at the New Year Tasmania www.compassandfork.com
Tasmania, Photo: flickr, © HK Colin

How do we decide where to travel? It is actually a bit of wishful thinking, practicalities and financial realities all competing. And somehow out of that we begin with a bit of a plan of where would like to go. I am not sure we have ever actually traveled the year as we thought we would at the beginning of the year when we made the wish list, but you have to start somewhere. So here is the 2016 Wish List!

Some Initial Thinking

As there are two of us, we each keep a top 10 list of where we want to go. We compare lists and talk about which things we would really like to do in the coming year. One of the things our friends and family think is rather amusing is we have a weighting factor which includes if we need to go now (while we are young and fit) or if we can go anytime. Most of our hiking or very remote destinations are high on the sooner rather than later list.

I do want to disclose that this list is not the same as what you will see covered on Compass & Fork. We operate much like a magazine with an editorial calendar set months in advance. Where we are traveling, or where we are in the world, is not necessarily the same place appearing as the “Destination” on Compass & Fork. So this post is about where we will physically travel, not Destinations we will feature on Compass & Fork. One friend remarked that since we started Compass & Fork it has made it even more difficult to keep track of where we actually are, not easier!

2016 Wish List An Optimistic Look at the New Year Alaska
Alaska, Photo: Flickr, ©Madeleine Deaton

North & South America

So for 2016, we are now as we speak trying to decide between these places (in no particular priority order)

  • Alaska- we would love to do a small ship cruise in Alaska and visit Denali National Park. This is a hiking destination for us, so in the sooner rather than later category. Due to weather we need to be there in the North American summer.
  • Cuba- Now that it is opening up to American tourism and trade, we would like to go sooner rather than later. I love the pictures of Cuba with all the old cars; it is like a time warp. I’d like to see it before globalization works its voodoo. Add in the fact I love Cuban food and hopefully this happens in 2016. Unfortunately we have hurricane season to contend with which means North American summer is not a good time.
  • Ecuador- staying on that side of the World, we would love to travel to Ecuador. We have wanted to go for a while but despite traveling extensively through South America we have not made it. Is 2016 our year?
  • Nicaragua and Colombia- if we go to this side of the world and into South America both Colombia and Nicaragua are on the wish list. When we were younger neither of these countries were places you could travel to because of internal conflict and personal safety risks so it would be great to visit them and see what they are like today.
    Old Havana Panarama | Flickr: ©Nick Kenrick
    Old Havana Panarama | Flickr: ©Nick Kenrick
2016 Wish List An Optimistic Look at the New Year Spain www.compassandfork.com
Spain, Photo:Flickr, ©Bert Kaufman


That ends that side of the world, so geographically, we move toward Europe:

  • Scotland- yes we have been there a few times already but it is one of our favorites, we have friends and family there, and we can use it as an excuse to visit London, one of our favorite cities. Also we would love to share the food and drink with you and there is a hike or two we are keen to do. So all in all it has a lot going for it.
  • Spain and Portugal- I am not sure this needs a lot of explanation. Food, drink, culture, great weather and still rather cheap at the moment. I think this is our year.
  • Morocco- Okay this is pretty high on both our lists. We want to trek into the Atlas Mountains and seriously I cannot think of a better food destination. If we make it to Spain and Portugal we are too close not to go to Morocco as well! (On the Europe list due to geography.)
2016-Wish-List-An-Optimistic-Look-at-the-New-Year-Asilah-Bay-Morocco www.compassandfork.com
Morocco, Photo: Flickr, ©Mbohl, the Asilah Bay

Rest of the World

Moving Further East

  • Penang (Georgetown) |Flickr: ©Phalinn Ooi
    Penang (Georgetown) |Flickr: ©Phalinn Ooi

    Malaysia – We have been here and traveled around a bit, although it was some time ago. At one point we had family here so it was too good of an opportunity, we had to visit. We are however keen to go to Penang (Georgetown) and I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to sit on a beach somewhere.

  • Sri Lanka- Again a great food destination and a chance to explore a totally different culture for us. Sri Lanka in also a bit like Columbia and Nicaragua in that for a long time it was off limits. Now might be a great time to visit before it too has globalization visit.
  • Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp| Flickr: ©Matt Zimmerman

    Nepal- We would love to go and hike through Nepal we almost made it a couple of years ago but due to some personal, family issues it was postponed. Then Nepal suffered a rather large earthquake. We have been following reports and now seems a good time to head in that direction. Prime hiking season however, is prime travel time other places as well so we may be squeezed to be in two places at once (when is that app/technology coming?)

  • And lastly but certainly not least, Tasmania. One of our favorite places on the planet. If you have never been there and you like the great outdoors you don’t know what you’re missing. We haven’t been there in a while so we are due to go. In addition, the Cradle Mountain Walk, one of Tasmania’s premier hikes is there and in the sooner rather than later category as it is strenuous, requires camping and carrying a pack. A new, long distance walk (the south coast walk) has also recently been opened in southern Tasmania. If we are fit enough to do the Cradle Mountain Walk, well we might as well keep walking.

So that is our 2016 Wish List. You can follow along and see where we end up. For next year’s retrospective we will have this to look back on and see where we actually went. Stay tuned.

Have a great year! Where are you hoping to travel in 2016? What is your 2016 Wish List? Leave a comment.


18 Responses

  1. Marc
    | Reply

    some great places on your list. We have a trip planned in May to Srilanka for 2 months and stopping via Paris for another week. Yes, we have planned so many places for 2016.

    • Editor

      Yes it is always hard to get to a short list and even then I think ours is still too long! Enjoy Sri Lanka, I look forward to reading about your travels.

  2. Wow what an amazing list! I would love to visit Cuba soon too, and Alaska after reading Doreen’s comment above. Best of luck for your travels 🙂

    • Editor

      Thank you Jessi, we will see how we go. But Alaska is the top of my list. Thanks for your comment.

  3. That’s an epic wish list. If I get the bug for South America when I visit I’m definitely going to want to see more!

    • Editor

      You will love South America Angie. We have just started writing about Peru. We are covering Peru for the remainder of January. And last year we had a series of posts about Patagonia (southern Chile and southern Argentina). Thanks for your comment.

  4. You’ll pack me in your suitcase for all if the above, right?

    • Editor

      Emma, well here’s hoping that we get to these places. The word optimistic is in the title! Thanks for your comment.

  5. Cassie @ Cass Travels
    | Reply

    I went to Cuba a few years ago, and would definitely put that on the list sooner rather than later! It’s a really amazing spot and I think it’s going to change rapidly once American flights start heading over regularly. It’s not the most amazing food spot, but the drinks are pretty awesome 🙂

    • Editor

      Thanks Cassie. Yes we have the same fears once flights open up to the US. Our daughter has been so we better get our skates on.

  6. Joe Ankenbauer
    | Reply

    You have a great list compiled here and it’s full of amazing places! I’m a huge fan of going to Nepal. It’s incredible, especially if you like to hike. I went a few years ago and have been wanting to go back ever since!

    • Editor


      Hiking is our reason for wanting to go and we are not getting nay younger so it seems a good one to do now while we are fit!
      We can meet you there!

  7. Gemma
    | Reply

    Oh I’ve never been to Tasmania, it’s really hard being a travel blogger because you are exposed to so many more ideas than makes the top 10 list quickly become a top 100. I was in Colombia in May and Cuba in June. I didn’t love Cuba in all honesty but I am big fan on Colombia. The people are so passionate about their country and it was a unique experience to see and feel the change that country has went through. Scotland made me smile! Do tell us if you make it there after August, we will be home (near Edinburgh!) We’re going to Nicaragua in January – I am very excited!

    • Editor

      I do hear mixed reviews of Cuba. Tasmania and Scotland are a bit similar and funny enough- Tassie has started to make great whiskey! Definitely will let you know if we are in Scotland as will definitely pass through Edinburgh. I will look forward to reading about your visit to Nicaragua.

  8. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Your list is pretty similar to mine. We’ve been to Scotland and Spain this year. I am from the USA… but I would LOVE to visit Alaska. Maybe even live there? Maybe. I would also LOVE to go to Thailand.

    • Editor

      Jennifer, we can’t wait to go to Alaska. We have been to Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai). Both fantastic. the food was fabulous and cheap (especially Chiang Mai). Thanks for your comment.

  9. Doreen Pendgracs
    | Reply

    Some great places on your list, Elizabeth. I would say go to Alaska sooner than later, as it’s definitely not a destination for later in life. You need to be fit to fully enjoy all that it offers, plus climate change is endangering much of its ecosystem. I visited Alaska before I started blogging, so I have nothing about it on my site, but fondly remember the amazing experiences we had like helicoptering onto a glacier and getting out to walk on it. Dining on fresh salmon at a glacial lodge, and then watching a bear lick the grill, sailing into a fjord in a small boat to watch the sea otters roll around in the kelp. It was all so AMAZING!

    • Editor

      Doreen, great point about Alaska. It is certainly a place for outdoor activities. I can’t wait to get there. We have seen the negative impact of climate change in Europe with disappearing glaciers in Switzerland a great concern. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment.

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