A Last Look at the Great American Roadtrip

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Unfortunately, our time in the USA is coming to the end. The United States is a great place for a road trip. So many places to go, easy to navigate and cheap gasoline. (Yes, I know it is expensive for the USA at the moment but compared to the rest of the world, gas is still cheap!) So, in case you missed part of our epic journey, we summarize our Great American Road Trip here, just follow the links to read more about our trip.

A Last Look at the Great American Roadtrip www.compassandfork.com

In the Beginning: Los Angeles

We did a quick stopover in Los Angeles. Having just arrived from spring in Australia we were expecting the autumn weather in Los Angeles to be about the same temperature as we had left. We landed in a heat wave- 100° fahrenheit (38°C)! It was a shock to the system. We still managed to have a great time. Having not been to Los Angeles in a long time, a lot has changed (for the better). If you haven’t been recently, it’s time for a visit.

Catching Up with Family and Friends

We spent some time catching up with family and friends. For us this usually includes sharing some great food. For Thanksgiving we smoked our turkey again this year. Another highlight was a slow cooked beef brisket in the smoker, something every meat lover will enjoy. Add some homemade sauerkraut and bourbon balls for dessert and it’s a feast!

A Last Look at the Great American Roadtrip

The Roadtrip Begins

We started in Cincinnati checking out the new streetcar through downtown and the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. If you like beer and German food, you will love Cincinnati!

From Cincinnati, we headed south! Louisville was an unexpected highlight. We really enjoyed the Bourbon Trail and visiting several of the local bourbon distilleries. We also managed to learn a bit of the history of Louisville and visit the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum. Just fascinating- and a must see for any baseball fan!

A Last Look at the Great American Roadtrip www.compassandfork.com

Into the South: Charleston and Savannah

Next stop was Charleston to see what all the fuss is about. We really enjoyed this historic city, visiting the plantations near Charleston and learning all about Low Country Cuisine. I even managed to enjoy the grits. If you think you aren’t a fan of grits- try this recipe for Cheesy Grits with Bacon– it just might convert you!

From Charleston, we made our last and final stop in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in the USA so a ghost tour was just the thing to get in the spirit. The port of Savannah is the fourth busiest in the USA. It was also an opportunity to see the enormous New Panamax class ships! Mind blowing that they even float.

We rediscovered Planter’s Punch and enjoyed several versions of the southern classic Red Rice, an easy to make dinner that we will definitely be sharing in our house.

A Last Look at the Great American Roadtrip www.compassandfork.com

Until Our Next USA Roadtrip

So sadly, our adventures in the USA are coming to an end. For those interested in the route of our trip here is a map showing the details. We flew into Cincinnati and then traveled 665 miles (or 1070 kilometers) by car:

A Last Look at the Great American Road Trip www.compassandfork.com

We know we will be back, there is so much to see and do in the United States.

If you would like to plan your own roadtrip, you can find our suggestions for a road trip in the USA.

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