Easy Red Wine and Herb Casserole in the Slow Cooker

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For the busy cook, there is nothing better than a slow cooker when approaching the cooler times of the year. And cooking with red wine? It’s easier than you think and this recipe of red wine and herb casserole in the slow cooker is the perfect way to find out! A very popular ingredient in our household when it comes to cooking richly-flavored casseroles, is a bottle of Tasmanian Pinot Noir. Between the Pinot Noir and the slow cooker you … Read More

Wine Tasting in the Tamar Valley of Tasmania: A Day Well Spent

It is hard to pick which was better the wine, lunch or the scenery! What is not hard to decide is we had a fantastic day exploring the wines of the Tamar Valley. If you aren’t familiar with the Tamar Valley, we are in northern Tasmania just outside of Launceston. The area is known for its white wines and it’s Pinot Noir, grape varietals that do well in cool climates. Throughout the Tamar Valley there are over 30 vineyards, most … Read More

Spectacular Hiking in the Bay of Fires in Tasmania

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Late Sunday afternoon it rains heavily as we travel toward Launceston. I am counting my lucky stars we have successfully completed hiking in the Bay of Fires before this bad weather reached us. Having just finished three days of hiking in the Bay of Fires along the pristine and undeveloped beaches of northeast Tasmania. It’s mesmerizingly beautiful walking along a coastline which is just stunning in its beauty: white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and birds and wildlife to keep … Read More

Delicious Whisky Ice Cream Plum Pudding

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Whisky ice cream plum pudding with butterscotch sauce is a go-to dessert at Christmas time. An easy, gluten-free and paleo recipe. Just like pumpkin pie is popular in the US over the festive period, plum pudding is the go-to dessert at Christmas time where we live, as well as many other parts of the world. Yes, it is very English and traditional to eat this hot dessert – even on a hot Christmas Day, as frequently occurs in Australia and … Read More

On the Trail of Great Whisky in Tasmania

In the mid 1800’s the Governor of Tasmania imposed a prohibition on making distilled spirits. Apparently there was a bit of a drinking problem on the island and the number of distilleries was more than partly to blame. As time passed, the prohibition was forgotten until 1992 when Bill Lark (of what is now Lark Distillery) wanted to start a craft whisky distillery in Tasmania. Luckily for us he did as the whisky in Tasmania is fantastic! Luckily for whisky … Read More

Roasted Salmon with Lemon and Dill

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Roasted salmon with lemon and dill is a healthy, simple meal to make and is just perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. Containing just a few ingredients, all of which are easy to source, here is a dish that should become a regular fixture for those trying to put more fish in their diet, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon is not endemic to Tasmania nor the rest of Australia. However, Tasmania has made the most of … Read More

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