Easy Holiday Shortbread Sure to Please

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This is Elizabeth’s all-time, favorite, shortbread. Every year she says her mother-in-law’s 4 ingredient, easy holiday shortbread is so good she could open a stall at a farmer’s market and sell out in no time at all! She looks foward to Christmas just to get the shortbread! Not only do they taste good but with only 4 ingredients to deal with and a few minutes in a food processor, they are quick and easy to make. A Christmas-classic in Australia, … Read More

Fantastic Melbourne Dinner Party Menu for Easy Entertaining

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3 Course Menu with Recipes and Wine Pairings (Winter and Summer Variations) Who doesn’t like a good dinner party? Today we feature our Melbourne dinner party from the best of our Melbourne-based recipes. As well we highlight the pleasures around two popular wine-growing regions on Melbourne’s doorstep, the Yarra Valley Region and the Mornington Peninsula Region. This continues our series of featuring a dinner party from all of the regions or countries that we visit. Food and travel is a … Read More

Colorful Grilled Seafood Salad with Wild Rice

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Today we feature a healthy, grilled seafood salad, perfect for an appetizer or light lunch. Grilled shrimp and calamari are tossed with baby spinach, (red) salad onion, red bell pepper and avocado to deliver a colorful salad full of crunch. Topped with a simple dressing this dish is quick to make as well as easy. Melbourne’s café culture makes this style of dish a very popular choice especially for the health-conscious. Many Melbournians take advantage of the proximity to Port … Read More

How to Eat your way Around the World in Melbourne

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We have alluded to it in other Melbourne posts, but here is the post you’ve been waiting for, where to find cuisines from around the world in Melbourne. Melbourne’s strong history of immigration from around the world includes people from Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Sudan, Turkey, Vietnam and many other nationalities that now call Melbourne home. And lucky Melbourne, they all brought their cuisines with them! This is not a definitive guide, honestly I don’t know how you could ever make … Read More

Traditional Roast Pork with Better Crackling

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Pork is going through a renaissance in Melbourne, with new cuts making a big impact on the local food scene. Pork Belly, in particular, is very popular in various Asian and European cuisines such as Spanish. As an avowed lover of pork this is a great thing. But let’s not disregard the old classics like plain and simple traditional roast pork with better crackling! Today we feature an easy-to-make, traditional roast pork recipe that almost guarantees you achieve great pork … Read More

Insider Tips to Make the Most of your Melbourne Visit

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compassandfork.com/guide-to-the-fabulous-melbourne-markets A Guide to what to do and see in Inner City Melbourne Planning a Melbourne visit? We encourage you to get outside the CBD (Central Business District or downtown area) and explore inner-city Melbourne. This is the area within about 5 kilometers of Melbourne CBD and it has some great little hidden gems which many visitors miss. In this post we introduce you to these great neighborhoods and share some of our insider tips to help you make the … Read More

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