Healthy Avocado Smash for Breakfast

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Melbourne breakfasts are some of the best in the world. Why? Well, believe it or not, it is a subject I have given considerable thought to as we work our way around the world indulging ourselves in great food, and I have three reasons: variety, originality and freshness. There is some serious thought and effort that goes into breakfast menus in Melbourne. Fusion, which is a food description I don’t use often, is a big part of what makes breakfast … Read More

Spotlight on Marvelous Melbourne World Best for Sport?

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Where in the world is there a public holiday to celebrate a horse race? Why Melbourne, of course. The first Tuesday in November is Melbourne Cup Day, one of the world’s premier horse races. That’s tomorrow! Welcome to Melbourne, Australia. Home to a beautiful city, great coffee and food, the arts and possibly the world’s most fanatical sports followers. Is Melbourne world best for sport? Read on and why don’t you be the judge. Melbourne people are fanatical about sports. … Read More

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