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Genuine Greek Baked Beans Full of Taste – Gigantes Plaki

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Ever heard of Gigantes Plaki? No it’s not some Greek, mythological monster from Jason and the Argonauts (remember that fabulous film?), although you could be forgiven for thinking so! They’re basically a version of Greek baked beans made with larger beans such as butter beans or lima beans in a typical, Greek sauce. The sauce is quite thick and the dish is hearty for the cooler times of the year in Greece, including on the islands. Greece and the word … Read More

The Best Citron Liqueur you’ll ever Taste is on Naxos

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Craft distilling is all the rage these days, creating small batch high quality spirits from fresh, often local ingredients. This is a return to the way spirits used to be made before mass production. So while I enjoy finding a new venture returning to the traditional ways, I also really enjoy when we find a place that still makes spirits in the traditional way, as it has all along. The traditional distilling of citron liqueur on Naxos has been going … Read More

A Traditional Feast to Celebrate Easter like the Greeks

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Easter is the biggest celebration and feast of the Greek Orthodox religion. The customs and cuisines of how the Greeks celebrate Easter provide a great opportunity for the traveler to learn more about Greek culture and traditions. As parts of the world prepare to celebrate Easter this week, it is a great opportunity to learn about the traditions of the Greeks and how they celebrate Easter. First off, many of us would be surprised to learn Greek Easter is not … Read More

Easy Greek Village Salad from Naxos Revisited

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It’s no secret one of the sublime pleasures of spending time in the Greek Islands is to enjoy the healthy lifestyle. Sunshine, swimming, relaxation and of course the incredibly, healthy cuisine. It’s a laid back culture and this is reflected in the food. Nothing too complex. Just simple, healthy food, including a Greek village salad. Salad is a staple, served at every meal, it is hard not to eat well in the Greek Islands when you have a healthy salad … Read More

Greek Olive Oil: All You Need to Know About This Family Tradition

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Greek Olive Oil Greece has a long and proud history of pressing Greek olive oil and it is very closely linked to the food and culture of the country. Evidence has been found of olive cultivation and Greek olive oil production going back over 50,000 years. Over the years, olive oil has been used for cooking, religious ceremonies, for lighting in oil lamps and for personal skin care products including soaps, cosmetics and lotions/oils. Greece is the third largest producer … Read More

You Need to Know Why Drunken Pork is Perfect with Red Wine

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Most experts will say drink white wine with pork. Today we feature a dish very commonplace throughout the Greek Islands and Cyprus which turns that theory on its head. Drunken pork is a simple dish to prepare and full of robust Greek flavors including red wine. A simple marinade made from everyday ingredients and then slow cooked. The result is a rich, slightly dry and full-flavored Greek classic. Once you have cooked this dish you will surely return to it … Read More

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