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How to Plan Your Crete Itinerary for the Best Vacation

To help you plan your Crete itinerary an overview of Heraklion, Chania and Rethymnon with suggestions for where to stay based on interests for 1,2 or 3-week itineraries. Includes information for getting to Crete and traveling around the island. Crete is known for its food and wine in a country known for great food so that says a lot. Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands, at over 150 miles (250 kilometers) wide and taking about five hours to drive … Read More

Authentic Greek Lemon Chicken Makes the Best Greek Barbecue

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Like the idea of a Greek barbecue and looking for a simple Greek chicken breast recipe? Authentic Greek lemon chicken is full of the great flavors of Greece and only 15 minutes total preparation and cooking time. And, all made with everyday ingredients. The key to this dish is its simple flavoring. Like the idea of a Greek barbecue and looking for a simple Greek chicken breast recipe? Authentic Greek lemon chicken is full of the great flavors of Greece … Read More

The Theodore Boutique Hotel – Perfect Relaxation in Crete

If you are looking for beautiful accommodation in Crete offering the chance for complete relaxation and beachfront access, The Theodore Boutique Hotel near Chania is the perfect choice for you. The Theodore Boutique Hotel One of my favorite hotels from our recent travels, The Theodore Boutique Hotel achieves an ambiance perfect for its beachfront location. Arriving at The Theodore Boutique Hotel, it doesn’t look like much from the outside, it is somewhat unassuming and doesn’t give any clues as to … Read More

The Best Traditional Foods in Crete to Try

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Simple ingredients, individual flavors and healthy meals is the basis for traditional foods in Crete. Here is a list of all the best food, wine and drink for you to try in Crete or any Greek restaurant. The diet of Crete forms much of the basis of the now famous Mediterranean diet known for its health benefits including reduced cardiovascular disease and cancer rates. Within Greece, Crete’s cuisine stands out for its flavors and traditional dishes. Wine and bread usually … Read More

Kapsaliana Village Hotel the Best for Historic Luxury in Crete

Well located, only a short drive inland from Rethymnon, the Kapsaliana Village Hotel offers great views, excellent food and service all within the historic setting of a restored rural Greek village.   The Story of Kapsaliana Village Hotel: A Labor of Love for 40 Years Originally the homes of the workers of the olive oil press owned by the nearby Arkadi Monastery’s, roughly 55 people lived and worked in the village. When Arkadi built a new, modern olive press, about … Read More

You Need to Know How to Cook Strapatsada Greek Eggs

Strapatsada Greek eggs make a simple, easy to cook breakfast, brunch or lunch. Only six ingredients including the seasoning and garnish. These tasty scrambled eggs with feta and tomatoes are so popular in Crete, the home of the Mediterranean diet. But there is a secret ingredient which really brings this dish to life! Yes, that’s right, in Crete, there is a secret ingredient, they use in every meal of the day, which is incredibly good for you. It’s one of … Read More

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