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Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb – A Classic Greek Recipe

Slow cooked leg of lamb fills your home with mouthwatering aromas. It’s one of winter’s great pleasures when it is cold outside, and you have a slow roasted leg of lamb gently cooking away in the background while you potter around. Not sure how to slow cook a leg of lamb? It’s easy! Our recipe runs you through it step by simple step. If you always wanted to try cooking lamb, this is the perfect recipe to start. You’ll definitely … Read More

Visiting Santorini: 5 Things to do for First Timers

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Santorini is the stunningly beautiful Greek island so often featured in photos of the Greek islands. The setting is dramatic, scripted in a Hollywood movie, with villages set high atop steep, jagged cliffs. To add to this impressive facade, the cliff faces are black, as it is actually the rim of a volcano or caldera upon which these precarious, stunning villages have been built. Add the crystal clear turquoise waters, sunshine, and azure-blue skies – it is indeed hard to … Read More

Naxos Greek Island – Why It’s The Best

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In Greek Mythology, Dionysus the god of wine, drunken merriment and fertility is said to have been born on Naxos. Which is a great reason to visit Naxos and see it for yourself, but that’s not why Naxos Greek Island is the best of the Greek Islands . . . Why Naxos is the Top Greek Island Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands and there is a lot to see and do. It’s less touristy than some of … Read More

9 Reasons to Visit the Greek Island Syros

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Syros. Never heard of it? We think Syros is one of the best kept secrets in the Greek Islands. And I don’t think it is going to stay a secret much longer! Here are 9 great reasons to visit the Greek Island Syros and why it’s possibly best Greek island to visit in May for food, history, culture and so much more! Why Syros is the Best Destination in the Greek Islands There are several reasons, well actually nine, for … Read More

Authentic Greek Lamb Recipe – How to Make Lamb Roast at Home

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Is there anything more traditional than authentic Greek Lamb recipes? Not for a Greek, there isn’t. Celebrate Easter – or any other special occasion – with what is arguably the best meat you can roast, either in an oven, on the Weber BBQ or if you are lucky enough, on the spit (rotisserie). Today we cook Greek lamb, one of our favorite lamb dishes. Greek lamb roasted using traditional herbs and spices as a marinade – yum! Simple to prepare … Read More

How to Make Easy Greek Rice Pudding on the Stovetop

Looking for creamy rice pudding? Why not try this easy Greek rice pudding, a simple recipe you can make on the stovetop. And, you can make it in advance and then just leave to chill in the refrigerator, making it very convenient if you have guests. It’s also a gluten free rice pudding which delivers a creamy result! I researched the background and history to Greek rice pudding and I was surprised. Do you know how popular creamy rice puddings … Read More

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