This is the Best Ever Simple Cheesy Bacon Grits

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When traveling through the American south, you will find grits on offer in almost every eatery, from fancy restaurant through to roadside diner, or at least it seems that way. Simple cheesy bacon grits are easy to make and full of flavor! Gluten free too! For an Australian, and with name like grits, this is surely an ingredient to avoid at all costs! I mean what are grits and what is it with that name? One of the great joys … Read More

The Best Way to Learn the Secrets of Low Country Cuisine

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If you are in Charleston, the best way to learn the secrets of Low Country cuisine is to take a food tour! You might be wondering what exactly Low Country cuisine is. Well let’s start with what and where is the Low Country? (or Lowcountry)  It is the area at, or close to, sea level, near the South Carolina coast. It is a geographical region with a shared history, culture and cuisine. Since we were in Charleston we decided to … Read More

What are the Best Plantations to Visit Near Charleston?

Southern plantations have a unique spot in American history. To learn about this era, a visit to one of the local plantations near Charleston is a great starting point. Plantations were large farms or tracts of land specializing in one crop. This is in contrast to a farm of the same time period where a family grew a variety of crops. Due to the size of many plantations they relied not on family labor but on external workers. During the … Read More

Why You Need to Know the History of Planter’s Punch

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Preview Changes (opens in a new window)Today we are featuring a famous drink, Planter’s Punch, with an interesting history which “hails” from the South. When I think of Planter’s Punch, I immediately think of warm weather, plantations, parties, fresh juices and rum. I can just imagine sitting down towards the end of the day in a comfortable chair on a shady balcony with a beautiful view and relaxing, with Planter’s Punch in hand. Bliss. Little did I know, that my … Read More

Charleston Today and Its Role in the Fascinating History of the South

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We arrived in Charleston today just in time to join a walking tour of this historic southern city. As part of our road trip through the Southern USA, Charleston was one of the cities we were really looking forward to visiting. It has received a lot of recent media accolades including: the World’s Best City by Travel +Leisure, the #1 city in the USA by Conde Nast Traveler and we’ve seen reports everywhere of the fantastic, Low Country food in … Read More

The Best of Louisville Complete with Baseball, Bourbon and more!

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Louisville? Yes Louisville! If you haven’t been there or haven’t been there recently, it’s time for a visit the best of Louisville. And if you like baseball or bourbon, then you definitely need to go. Recently included in US News and World Reports list of the top 12 weekend getaways and one of Travel + Leisure “best places to travel” there is a lot to see and do in Louisville. So we decided to go see what the fuss was … Read More

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