Vail vs Palm Springs for a Long Weekend

Vail vs. Palm Springs for a long weekend, we look at opportunities to wine, dine, relax and get outdoors in these two towns so you can decide for yourself. Do you have a long weekend? Trying to decide where to spend it? For us the perfect long weekend destination is somewhere to relax, get outdoors, maybe hit a spa and still have plenty of things to do. Add some fantastic bars and restaurants and it’s the perfect spot for a … Read More

Austin and Asheville Beer and BBQ

Where to find great beer and BBQ in Austin and Asheville, two cities known for great beer and barbecue. Do you have a favorite? Texas and North Carolina are both known for BBQ. And what goes better with great BBQ than a nice cold beer. So, we picked two cities known for great food, Austin and Asheville (just a coincidence they both start with A), to represent their respective states to see which would be a better place to find … Read More

Atlanta vs. Charlotte for a Fall Weekend

If you want to enjoy the crisp clear Autumn weather and get in a final weekend getaway before winter arrives, where would you choose, Atlanta or Charlotte for a fall weekend? Using some criteria specifically designed for the fall season: fall foliage, outdoor activities, food and wine, price, accessibility and accommodation options, we look at what Atlanta and Charlotte offer for a fall weekend getaway. Atlanta for a Fall Weekend Getaway Fall Foliage in Atlanta With a wide variety of … Read More

Chicago and New Orleans for Blues Music

Where to find the Best Live Blues Music in Chicago and New Orleans Blues Music in the USA is associated with three cities, Memphis, Chicago and New Orleans. And indeed, America is the home of Blues music. Having originated in the deep south with African American communities in the Mississippi Delta, Blues music slowly began to spread northward as migration headed North after the Civil War. In the 1920’s Blues music was very popular in New Orleans, Memphis, Detroit and … Read More

Celebrate Alaskan Cuisine with Pasta and Smoked Salmon

Celebrate Alaskan Cuisine with Pasta and Smoked Salmon with Vodka Cream Sauce Here is a quick and delicious pasta dish to celebrate all that is good with Alaskan cuisine. Honestly, if you want a meal on the table in well less than 20 minutes, pasta with smoked salmon is just the dish for you. We have the magnificent scenery and food of the Alaskan Inside Passage and the staff of the Emerald Princess cruise ship to thank for today’s recipe … Read More

Off the Beaten Track Country Music in Pigeon Forge and Branson MO

Think of country music and most folks will think of Nashville, but if you look further afield and head off the beaten track, you can find great country music in Pigeon Forge TN and Branson MO. Country Music in Pigeon Forge, TN Located within the scenic Smoky Mountains not far from Gatlinburg TN, Pigeon Forge is the home to a range of country music attractions. Mega country music star Dolly Parton has made Pigeon Forge the center of her considerable … Read More

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