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A Sensational Stopover in Los Angeles

Many flights go through Los Angeles, especially on the way to or from Australia and New Zealand, as well as Asia. Well rather than just passing through LAX airport, how about stopping for a couple of days and checking out Los Angeles? What to Do in Los Angeles Most people have some idea of what they would like to do in Los Angeles from watching movies and television. But you are not going to have time to see everything in … Read More

How to Make Simple Healthy Sauerkraut with 2 Ingredients

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In celebration of Cincinnati’s German heritage and with a view to those upcoming New Year’s resolutions about healthy eating, today we feature simple, healthy sauerkraut. Easy? You bet. There are only 2 ingredients you need to make one of the healthiest sides you can ever make. And there is more to sauerkraut than being just a side for hot dogs. Winter is the perfect time to enjoy your sauerkraut and to reap the health benefits of an old fashioned fixing … Read More

An Easy Way to Explore Cincinnati on the Streetcar  

Cincinnati is not a city you see much written about and I am not sure why. It is a slice of middle America full of history and some great things to do. One of these days I will have to write a post about some of the great things to do in town. But for today, we have headed to downtown to explore Cincinnati on the streetcar! The 3.6 mile long streetcar route forms a loop running between The Banks … Read More

Get Some Festive Spirit with These Simple Kentucky Bourbon Balls

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Not only do the locals know a thing or two about bourbon, they are more than happy to share the knowledge. Today’s recipe for Kentucky bourbon balls comes courtesy of the Kentucky Derby Museum Cookbook. One of the great joys about traveling in Kentucky is visiting the great Kentucky bourbon distilleries. In addition to the bourbon there are also the many gorgeous racetracks, horse studs and other racing-affiliated facilities. This all makes for a rather attractive drive through the Bluegrass State. … Read More

What you Need to Know Visiting Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries

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Do you know what bourbon is and how it varies from other whiskeys? And do you know where the best place is to base yourself to visit Kentucky bourbon distilleries? And which bourbon distilleries to visit? Come along and enjoy a fabulous day or two in the Bluegrass State, touring some fantastic Kentucky bourbon distilleries. Many of the Kentucky Bourbon distilleries offer tours, where you not only learn about the process but also the rather volatile history of this world-famous spirit. … Read More

How to Smoke Your Turkey for the Festive Season

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Today, at Compass and Fork, we put the spotlight on smoked turkey, as cooked in the smoker, to help celebrate the festive season. Here is everything you need to know to smoke your turkey perfectly! A little more work, maybe, than roasting your festive-season turkey in the oven, but the extra rewards make this a great reason to go the extra mile and use a smoker to cook your turkey. And here is how to smoke your turkey so it … Read More

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