The Best Green Peppercorn Beef Celebrating Kampot Pepper

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Green peppercorn beef is a classic, Cambodian, stir fry. It is simple to make, using easy to source ingredients. The dish features green peppercorns and was inspired as a result of our visit to to Kep and nearby Kampot, in southern Cambodia. Green peppercorn beef provides a sublime window into the fabulous world of Cambodian cuisine. There is surprisingly little known about Cambodian cuisine. Its nearby neighbors, Thailand and Vietnam steal all of its thunder. But if you enjoy Thai … Read More

Awesome Provoleta- Grilled Provolone Cheese- Is Quick and Easy

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  Provoleta – grilled provolone cheese- from Uruguay (and Argentina) is a quick 3-minute appetizer from the refrigerator to serving. Is there any hot appetizer quicker than this? This provoleta recipe could not be easier. So if you are looking to cook recipes from Uruguay or recipes with provolone cheese, traditional food like this is a great way to start. Grilled cheese is adored throughout the world. Provoleta -grilled provolone cheese- is another classic, melted cheese appetizer and is one … Read More

A Wonderful Day of Wine Tasting in the Barossa Valley

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Let’s be honest, any day spent wine tasting is pretty wonderful! But add the blue skies and the crisp, fresh air of a wonderful winter’s day, a fantastic guide, and one of Australia’s premier wine regions – and you have the perfect way to spend a winter’s day – wine tasting in the Barossa Valley! With their fires roaring at each winery we visit, we definitely receive a warm welcome! Well known for its wine regions, South Australia is blessed … Read More

A Foodies Guide to the Best of Thailand

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Southeast Asia is a food lover’s paradise, and Thai is one the most popular cuisines in the region. The food is fresh, delicious and cheap. With a wide selection of street food, cheap and cheerful restaurants and fine dining, there is no end to the places to eat to find tasty, authentic, local food. So for you the traveler and fellow food lover, this is a foodies guide to the best of Thailand. Use it to plan your food tours, … Read More

8 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Chiang Mai

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Often overlooked by people visiting Thailand in favor of the beaches or Bangkok, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand offers a lot to see and do. Here are 8 reasons why you need to visit Chiang Mai.   1. Try the Fantastic Street Food There is a lot of street food available in Chiang Mai. It is good and very inexpensive. Seriously you can eat for $1-$3 USD per person. Chiang Mai is near the heart of Thai agricultural land, so … Read More

Italian Wine, Grappa and Tiramisu: Unwinding in Veneto

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Italian Wine, Grappa and Tiramisu: Unwinding in Veneto After a long day of sightseeing, it’s time to unwind, Italian style. Here are three classic Italian ways to unwind: Italian Wine, Grappa and Tiramisu. Starting at about 5:30 or 6 pm, most Italians can be found at their local, or a friend’s house, for an aperitivo. In Veneto, home to many fine food and drink products, an aperitivo or accompaniment to dinner usually consists of one of the following drinks, all … Read More

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