How to be a Gourmet Chef with this Unique Mashed Potato Terrine

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Today’s dish will make you look like a gourmet chef with this unique mashed potato terrine. I must put my hand on my heart and confess- food presentation is not my thing. For me, it is all about the taste, not what it looks. But with a moderate amount of effort you can make a dish which looks like these photographs. That’s the end of the confession. The point is this dish is easy to make and by using a … Read More

How to Find the Best Local Experiences in Latin America

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We have traveled extensively through Latin America and spent considerable time there over the past few years, both as tourists and whilst working. One thing we found difficult is finding good, local tour operators and authentic experiences with local guides. Your choice is large international tour operators or go it alone. Many businesses in Central America lack websites, some do have a Facebook page, but finding them is the issue! And if you do locate them, you just hope they … Read More

From the Plantation to the Perfect Cup of Coffee

As we were traveling in Central America, home to some of the world’s best coffee, we took the opportunity to visit a coffee plantation in Antigua, Guatemala. We are huge coffee fans and it was too good an opportunity to miss seeing firsthand how coffee is grown and processed to get the perfect cup of coffee. It’s amazing how much work, most of it by hand, goes into growing and processing coffee. And that’s before we even get to the … Read More

The Best Way to Learn the Secrets of Low Country Cuisine

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If you are in Charleston, the best way to learn the secrets of Low Country cuisine is to take a food tour! You might be wondering what exactly Low Country cuisine is. Well let’s start with what and where is the Low Country? (or Lowcountry)  It is the area at, or close to, sea level, near the South Carolina coast. It is a geographical region with a shared history, culture and cuisine. Since we were in Charleston we decided to … Read More

A Guide to the Fantastic Food on Bruny Island Tasmania

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Bruny Island is just off the east coast of Tasmania, and the food on Bruny Island is fantastic! At nearly 100 kilometers long there is plenty to do. Access is via the ferry from Kettering. In an amazing size comparison Bruny Island is the same land mass as Singapore! While Singapore has a population of over 5.5 million, Bruny Island has a permanent population of only 650! You can select a theme for the day- explore the wildlife, try the … Read More

Wine Tasting in the Tamar Valley of Tasmania: A Day Well Spent

It is hard to pick which was better the wine, lunch or the scenery! What is not hard to decide is we had a fantastic day exploring the wines of the Tamar Valley. If you aren’t familiar with the Tamar Valley, we are in northern Tasmania just outside of Launceston. The area is known for its white wines and it’s Pinot Noir, grape varietals that do well in cool climates. Throughout the Tamar Valley there are over 30 vineyards, most … Read More

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