London food tours for Gin tasting and discovering Soho Bars and Food

London Food Tours for Gin Tasting and Discovering Soho Bars and Food

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London food tours are a great way to unlock secret Soho bars and food, including the best gin tasting experience in London.

London food tours for Gin tasting and discovering Soho Bars and Food

London is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations but British food doesn’t always have the best reputation in the world when it comes to cuisine.

But the times they are changing and I’m here to tell you the food in London is as good and eclectic as anywhere.

Discovering London’s food visiting Soho bars and food is a good way to make your own judgment as to just how good the food is in London.

And, with so many cool bars in Soho London, it is definitely the place to head for. And, not just cocktails and drinks but there are numerous good restaurants in Soho as well. But only if you know where to look!

But what about the gin?

For a Gin Tasting Experience London is the Place

Gin and London have always had a strong connection. The classic, Gin and Tonic has been a mainstay not only in the London drinks scene for more than a hundred years, but around the world as well. And, pleasingly, this venerable old drink is currently undergoing a further lift in popularity as the craft gin distilling revolution introduces gin to a whole new (younger) audience. And, it’s not just gin but bespoke tonic waters as well.

London food tours for Gin tasting and discovering Soho Bars and Food
Source: Eating Europe

Gin and tonic and gin and bitter lemon are as English as afternoon tea! Or is it? We have long associated the gin and tonic with India and the British Raj when India became a British colony. Drinking Gin and Tonic in the Indian climate was for warding off malaria because of the quinine in the tonic water. But all is not as it seems. Gin has its roots in Holland and Belgium, rather than England! Regardless of the history, it is the British who institutionalized gin and the gin and tonic.

And now, the craft gin distillers, all around the world, are introducing this classic drink to a whole host of new fans. The flavoring ingredients are called botanicals, and for gin this always includes juniper berries. But botanicals can also include such ingredients as coriander and orange peel. Most good gin includes between 6 and 10 botanicals.

With such a heritage of gin and tonic, London is the place to experience the best gin and tonic anywhere in the world. And you will find the best bars in Soho London.

Cool London Soho Bars and Food

If you want a London gin tasting experience, then the London Gin Club is surely it. Here you will find the best London gin, the best gin and tonic and the best gin cocktails. And why is that?

Well they have over 350 gins and they are the only establishment totally devoted to gin! But, it’s not all about the gin. They also do gin tasting menus. The London Gin Club also prepares foods that go well with gin. Do you like savory pies? They’re an institution in England and where we live in Australia. The bottom line is that we are pie snobs. But, this might just be the best pie on the planet. Perfect pastry and generous fillings.

So, if it is cool London Soho bars and food you are after, where you can taste a classic gin and tonic coupled with a fabulos British pie, then this might be the place for you. And, how did we locate one of the best places to drink in London? Read on to find out.

London food tours for Gin tasting and discovering Soho Bars and Food
Source: Eating Europe

London Food Tours: The Secret to Locating some of the Best Places to Eat in London

If you are looking for cool in London, then head to Soho. This eclectic, artsy area is right in the middle of the London theater district and full of great little streets, just teaming with secret Soho bars and food locations.

Seeking out London food tours are a great way of finding the location of funky bars and some of the best places to eat in Soho London. Eating London’s Twilight Soho Food and Cocktail Tour is brilliant and we have not stopped talking about it!

The Twilight Soho Food and Cocktail Tour is a walking tour through Soho, where you will learn about the history of this eclectic neighborhood. But more, you will visit some of the secret little locations around Soho which you might never find otherwise. If you like speakeasy bars then you know what I mean about locating secret venues for great Soho bars and food.

London food tours for Gin tasting and discovering Soho Bars and Food
Photo Left Source: Eating Europe

London Food Tours: What you can Expect from the Cool Bars in Soho

Anyone for Mexican? Margaritas and possibly the best tacos I have tasted, using high quality ingredients. Wow is all I can say, what a great start to the evening.

Next stop- a visit to the London Gin Club. Here you receive a tutorial on how to taste gin and how to properly make a gin and tonic. It’s not what you think. Oh yes, and a pie to go with it!

Then it was time for some real Spanish jamon including the classic Iberico jamon, manchego cheese and Spanish red wine. Another tasting plate (along with explanations) so we could compare the different jamons and cheeses.

Then it was off to a very secret location in Soho because it looks like an opium den! Here you will taste fabulous Chinese-style dumplings and warm, oriental style cocktails in a room full of decadent furnishings. Those cocktails were a highlight!

Then a little more Spanish flair. Not a tapas bar but pintxos. Same tapas style but a Basque version where the morsels are skewered by sticks. You will enjoy some great Spanish white wine to go with the pintxos. What a great vibe in this place.

London food tours for Gin tasting and discovering Soho Bars and Food

And finally, more cocktails and a dessert to die for at a basement level, Soho lounge bar. You could spend many hours in this place.

Why You Should Check Out London Food Tours

London food tours are a convenient way to get the vibe of the food and drink scene in London. There is no way you can do all the research to find the best London Soho bars and food.

Furthermore, you get prime seating at all of the venues and the food and drinks were all ready to go upon arrival. You will also receive a summary from all of the venues about their food and cocktails. And of course, the guides will ferry you from one location to another with plenty of stories about the rather colorful history of Soho, not all of it on the correct side of the law!

And lastly, we can assure you that you will never think London is not a great place to visit for its food and drinks. It’s the world’s number one travel destination for a reason and a big part of that is the London Soho bars and food scene. Enjoy.

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London food tours for Gin tasting and discovering Soho Bars and Food
Photo Left Source: Eating Europe
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