Simple Home Made Muesli with Yogurt, Rhubarb, and Honey

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A good serve - simple home made muesli with yogurt rhubarb and honey

Muesli – healthy and quick to make from inexpensive pantry ingredients. Today we feature our favorite home made muesli recipe. Combined, with yogurt, rhubarb and honey, muesli becomes a quick but decadent breakfast that leaves you satisfied and feeling good.

It’s easy to prepare muesli, poached rhubarb and even yogurt on the weekend and then weekday breakfasts become a quick exercise. There is something satisfying about making your own stuff that leaves you feeling good about life.

But firstly, what is the difference between muesli and granola?

Muesli and Granola

Muesli is very similar to granola and contains the same basic ingredients (grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruits) but with one major difference. The clumping achieved by granola is because of the binding agents used during baking, being either oil(s) or butter or a combination of both. Granola also has sweeteners added. Muesli is raw containing no binding agents nor sugars, meaning it is loose as opposed to clumpy. You can eat granola straight out of the pack, you can’t really do that with muesli.

In short, because there are no binding agents nor sugars in muesli, it is the healthier option. But that doesn’t mean that healthy muesli is boring! With a couple of ingredients added at serving time, it can become a decadent breakfast as well. And not only breakfast. We have often served this muesli recipe as a dessert, especially when unexpected guests drop in.

Options for Making Muesli

You basically have two options for making muesli, raw or toasted. Raw muesli is healthier and quicker to make as it is just a matter of mixing together the raw ingredients. Toasting the muesli is a “half-way house” between raw muesli and granola.

Toasting brings out more of the oils in the ingredients and adds a small amount of natural sugars depending what liquids you use in the toasting. You could use honey mixed with water, as we have, or apple juice is another popular option. Toasting gives the muesli a richer taste and makes it a little closer to granola (without the sugar).

To toast or not to toast? The recipe below provides for both options. Truth be known we generally make raw muesli, as it is a little quicker. We do like both options and for variety we change it up a bit. The toasting takes about an hour in a very slow oven and you will need to stir the mix every 15 minutes, so very passive. And the cooking will fill your house with wonderful cooking aromas!

Your other decision is what ingredients to include? Oats are the major ingredient but there are other options such as spelt or some other form of ancient grain, if you are looking for something even healthier. We like to add nuts and seeds to the mix. Pepitas (squash/pumpkin seeds), almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, chia seeds, sesame seeds, linseed (flaxseed). The choice is yours. Some people enjoy adding dried fruit such as sultanas and dried cranberries. (We don’t because of the high sugar content of them). We also like to add shredded or desiccated coconut to our mix.

If toasting the muesli, we tend to add the small seeds and the coconut after the toasting, as they cook quicker than the other ingredients. If you want some extra fibre, add LSA mix (linseed (flaxseed)/Sunflower Seed/Almonds all crushed and mixed to together) and oat bran. If using dried fruit you will need to add after the toasting.

What to Add to your Morning Muesli

Di's rhubarb - simple home made muesli with yogurt rhubarb and honey


You will need to add either milk or yogurt as it will be too dry otherwise. We make our own yogurt so we prefer it over milk. The yogurt (cow, goat or sheep) makes it a creamier, thicker and more decadent experience. We also add fruit and poached rhubarb is our choice. Like the muesli and the yogurt the poached rhubarb can be made ahead of time and used over the course of the week. You can also use grated or chopped apple, strawberries, blueberries, sliced banana or whatever you have.

Check out the health benefits of yogurt and rhubarb here.

Our Favorite Routine for Making Muesli

We hawaratahs - simple home made muesli with yogurt rhubarb and honey www.compassandfork.comve often commented in this blog on our love of markets over supermarkets. One of our favorite activities is to go to the Collingwood Children’s Farm market and buy the very excellent rhubarb from Di’s rhubarb, any dry ingredients we need to replenish our raw ingredients for making muesli and honey from a local provider.

That same day, we make up our muesli mix (5 minutes work). If we are toasting it, add a further one passive hour. We poach our rhubarb (10 minutes) and overnight we make our fresh yogurt. We then have supplies to quickly make up our favorite muesli breakfast, whenever we feel like it. That’s one minute’s work for breakfast.

Home made muesli is easy to make and you will be feeling good eating it too. I’d take that any day over boxed cereal!

By the way, if you are looking for other great ways to enjoy the magic combination of yogurt and honey, try our healthy pomegranate breakfast. Prefer eggs? Here are our favorite egg breakfasts:

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Simple Home Made Muesli with Yogurt, Rhubarb, and Honey
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Simple home made muesli with yogurt rhubarb and honey
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Use this recipe as a guide and use whatever you think is appropriate or that you have in your pantry. Your choice to make it raw (healthier) or toasted (1 hour in a low heat oven). Add milk or yogurt, fruit such as rhubarb, and honey and you have a quick, healthy and decadent breakfast.
Servings Prep Time Cook Time
10servings 5minutes 1hour
Servings Prep Time
10servings 5minutes
Cook Time
Servings: servings
Servings: servings
  1. If toasting, pre-heat oven to 280f (140c). Proceed to Step 3. If not toasting proceed to Step 2.
  2. If making raw muesli mix, in a large bowl, place the rolled oats, pepitas, walnuts, sesame seeds, chia seeds, LSA, and coconut. Mix well to combine and then store in an airtight container. Go to the poached rhubarb instructions.raw muesli - simple home made muesli with yogurt rhubarb and honey
  3. If making toasted muesli mix, steep the cinnamon quill in a cup of hot water and the honey. In a large bowl, place the rolled oats, pepitas and walnuts. Mix well to combine. Add the honey hot water and cinnamon quill to the mix. Combine well. Turn out the mix onto 1 or 2 oven trays, which have been covered with baking paper. Grate nutmeg over the turned out mix. Place in the oven and cook for 1 hour or until the mix has turned a golden brown. Gently stir the mixture every 15 minutes as you will find that the edges will toast before the center. When well toasted, remove tray(s) from the oven and allow to completely cool. Grating the nutmeg - simple home made muesli with yogurt rhubarb and honey
  4. Once the toasted muesli has completely cooled, remove the cinnamon and place the toasted mix in a mixing bowl. Add the sesame seeds, chia seeds, LSA and coconut. Mix well to combine and then store in an airtight container. Toasted - simple home made muesli with yogurt rhubarb and honey
Poached Rhubarb
  1. Place all of the ingredients in a large saucepan, shake it all around to mix and place the lid on. Place the saucepan over a moderate to low heat. Once boiling, simmer for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the rhubarb until the rhubarb has softened. Allow to cool completely, then store in a covered bowl in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.fresh rhubarb - simple home made muesli with yogurt rhubarb and honey
For each serving
  1. Place about 3 heaped tablespoons of prepared muesli, top with 2 heaped tablespoons of yogurt and 1-2 heaped tablespoons of rhubarb. Drizzle honey over the top.ready to eat - simple home made muesli with yogurt rhubarb and honey
Recipe Notes

LSA is extremely common in Australia and other countries and is starting to appear in the USA. Look for it in a good health foods store.

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  1. Teresa
    | Reply

    It’s a great idea to make your own muesli mix, it’s always handy and perfect if you don’t have much time for breakfast. I sometimes even east it for lunch at work. Have to try the rhubarb version!

    • Editor

      Well it’s a great thing to have at any time! As mentioned in the post, we have served it up for dessert. So very flexible. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Kathrina
    | Reply

    I’ve always purchased muesli, not realizing just how easy it is to make. I definitely want to give it a try after reading this post! I’m headed to the market this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

    • Editor

      No problem Kathrina. We like not having to buy stuff from the supermarket. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Chris
    | Reply

    Always have been curious about muesli & thanks to your post I have a much better idea about it. Will have to try it sometime

    • Editor

      If you need a quick breakfast it is a healthy alternative to some other choices like cereal or granola.

  4. Kylee @ Kylee Cooks
    | Reply

    I LOVE home made muesli. Seeing your pics, takes me back to a time when my mother would make it. I can almost smell it!

    • Editor

      Kylee, Yes the smell while it is baking is lovely.

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