Portobello Mushroom Recipes: Spanish Garlic Mushrooms

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Welcome to the world of Spanish tapas, now so popular around the world. If you are looking how to make delicious garlic mushrooms look no further than these easy Spanish Garlic Mushrooms. Ready in just 15 minutes, full of Spanish flair and made from everyday ingredients, Spanish Garlic Mushrooms are great as an appetizer or a light main meal. Or, in combination with some other dishes, why not follow the Spanish culture and serve garlic mushrooms as part of a … Read More

Spanish Garlic Prawns: A Simple Garlic Butter Shrimp Recipe

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Simple to prepare and just fabulous as part of a Spanish themed dinner or tapas set, you will love these Spanish garlic prawns. Do you call them shrimp or prawns? As you can see from the title of this recipe I have a foot in both camps so I am using the 2 words interchangeably today. But honestly, who cares? These shellfish are popular throughout the world and rightly so. In addition to this garlic shrimp recipe, we also discuss the … Read More

Valencia Tourist Attractions: Mercat Central Valencia

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Our day begins with a visit to fabulous Mercat Central Valencia. It is one of the top Valencia tourist attractions to visit, with an amazing array of food! But first things first, we need coffee! Luckily, Mercat Central Valencia has one of Valencia’s best coffee shops. So, first stop is Retrogusto. As I sip my cappuccino I feel it coursing through my veins preparing me to explore the rest of the magnificent Mercat Central Valencia. For a moment, as I … Read More

4 Wonderful Day Trips from Adelaide

Explore South Australia with these four wonderful day trips from Adelaide. Adelaide in South Australia is a fantastic city to explore, but if you are there for an extended trip, we recommend you make time to explore outside of Adelaide as well. South Australia has some of the best wine regions in Australia and it is close to the seaside village of Glenelg, all of which make a great day trips from Adelaide. Hahndorf and the Adelaide Hills Hahndorf is … Read More

An Itinerary for Food Lovers to Explore London

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Use this easy to follow multi-day itinerary for food lovers to explore London. The best food halls, markets and museums in a day-by-day London itinerary. We’ve been to London many times and it is one of our favorite cities to visit. So many things to see and do. If you are visiting for the first time it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide what to do and work out what is close to each other so you make … Read More

A London Rock Music Tour Will Really Rock You!

A London rock music tour is the perfect way of visiting the legendary sites of so much rock and roll royalty over the decades. Fun and great memories. I have always thought I grew up at a perfect time to enjoy rock and roll at its peak. Yes, I was a child of the sixties and a teenager of the seventies. And, for a 10-year period between about 1965 and 1975, British rock dominated the airwaves. I could bang on … Read More

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