What to Eat in Berlin? 24 Hours of Delightful Eating

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How much eating can you manage in 24 hours?  Here’s a guide to help you plan what to eat in Berlin so you can make the most of your opportunities to try the local favorites.

Planning to visit Berlin? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss eating the city’s favorite delicacies. But what to eat in Berlin? Well, there are various options you might choose. For the list of the food you can enjoy eating while visiting Berlin, continue reading.

What to Eat in Berlin?

Over the years, the dining scene of Berlin has evolved, and these days, it is considered a delicious melting pot of the diverse food cultures coming from the many different ethnic communities  calling the city home over the past decades.

Berlin, the capital and cultural center of Germany,  s regarded as one of the most vibrant cities of the world. It boasts not just a rich history, dynamic culture, and lively arts scene, and it also offers myriad delicacies to experience traditional German dishes.

Here are some options of what to eat in Berlin:


Of course, you shouldn’t miss this one! Referred as brezel or breze in German, these treats are famous throughout the country. Indeed, this is no exception in the city, and you can easily find these being sold at the many street food vendors, cafes, and bakeries lining the streets.

A versatile delicacy,enjoy a pretzel in many ways: with decadent chocolate, seed toppings, cheese, or tender slices of meat or merely have it plain. Pretzels also serve well as a hearty breakfast, a substantial snack on-the-go or a light lunch.


Your visit to Germany will not be complete if you will not try the famous bratwurst dishes. And you should give this one a try! Known to be one of the most famous varieties in the country, currywurst is a pork sausage seasoned with ketchup and curry powder, usually served with fries.

Until late 2018, there was a Currywurst Museum dedicated to this savory treat. Everything you ever wanted to know about currywurst.


Known as a vegetarian-friendly treat, this one is a pan-fried pancake made with grated potatoes, eggs, flour, and onions. You can enjoy this as a savory or sweet treat. Satisfy your sugar cravings by simply dipping kartoffelpuffer in applesauce. Or, enjoy it as a savory delight by pairing it with meat or garlic sauce.

Find kartoffelpuffer available at most street food stalls, restaurants and cafes all around the city of Berlin. If you visit Berlin during the festive season, it is also this sold at the Christmas markets.


For those who have a sweet tooth or those who love devouring cinnamon-flavored desserts, the Apfelstrudel is a excellent choice. Filled with apples and topped with icing sugar, raisins, cinnamon, and breadcrumbs apfelstrudel. is usually served warm with a serving of aromatic vanilla sauce.

Look for apfelstrudel in most bakeries and cafes around Berlin, and it is being consumed as an afternoon snack or a dessert.

Berliner Pfannkuche

Simply known as Berliner, this is considered a traditional pastry similar to the doughnut. Deep-fried and coated in icing sugar, but the Berliner is missing the central hole found in your favorite doughnuts.

In most cases, it is filled with jam, but other varieties of this treat might contain chocolate or rich vanilla cream. This sweet snack is popular with both young and old alike.


Also referred to as pork knuckles, eisbein is a well-loved classic unique to Berlin. The meat is usually grilled or boiled, and served with peas, sauerkraut, and potatoes. You will love eisbein, so don’t miss trying it!


If you are a meat lover, then you don’t want to miss trying this tasty dish. Schnitzel offers a breaded crust that creates a satisfying crunch in an excellent contrast to the juicy texture of the meat inside. Pork is the  most common meat used for the cutlet, but other types of meat like veal or turkey are common schnitzels.

Like most traditional dishes in Germany, this one is also served with potatoes. And being a favorite of the locals, schnitzel has a level of popularity which rivals that of the other well-loved classics like the pretzels and currywurst.

Königsberger Klopse

Königsberger klopse is both hearty and tender. A meatball dish prepared with a wide variety of different ingredients like ground veal, pork, beef, eggs, onions, flour, and anchovies before being cooked in a broth.

Served in cream sauce with capers and lemon juice. Königsberger klopse is also served with potatoes making it a satisfying dish perfect for ravenous appetites.

These are just among the options of great delicacies you shouldn’t miss on your visit Berlin. Enjoy  discovering their traditional dishes. There are still many more traditional German dishes you can try in Berlin.  This list is just a few of your top options if you have limited time!

Visiting Berlin is such as great experience, not just for the food, but to discover the magnificent beauty and history of the city.

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