Asian Cooking Supplies: Part of Your Core Cooking Utensils

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Asian Ingredients www.compassandfork.comAsian cuisine is quick, healthy and tasty. And having the right utensils makes it easy. Asian cooking supplies make a great addition to your core cooking utensils. Just a few and you are on your way.

Asian cooking supplies are easy to find these days.

Asian grocery stores are popping up in many, major cities around the world. Is this because people from around the world continue to discover how great Asian cuisine is? Maybe. It is also surprisingly easy it is to cook.

And you don’t need to spend a lot of money on Asian utensils and equipment, just a few stir fry tools. They will become part of your core cooking utensils at home because the fact is you can use these Asian cooking supplies to cook non-Asian food as well.

Asian Cooking Supplies: Wooden Cutting Board

Of all the wooden kitchen tools around the world, this is surely the most useful and common. A good cutting board can be a family heirloom! They can last for decades.

Wood will keep your knives sharper (plastic and glass dull your knives) and are more sanitary (plastic is the worst in this regard). There is a great post about cutting boards on The Kitchn.

If you take proper care of your wooden cutting board you may never need another one. Good quality cutting boards last forever. They also make great wedding or housewarming gifts.

Asian Cooking Supplies: Wok and Wok Spatula

What is a wok? What is a wok used for? And what is the best wok pan?

A wok is a round-bottomed, metal cooking vessel, originally from China. But they have spread throughout South East Asia and are the most common piece of Asian cooking equipment. The sound of the metal wok spatula contacting against the wok is surely the quintessential, cooking sound in all of Asia, if not the world.

The wok is the most common form of Asian cooking pan. A carbon steel wok is the best wok pan to look for. They are easy to clean and hard wearing. Your carbon steel wok works best over a gas flame on your hotplate or on your outside BBQ or grill. They also work on electric, induction hotplates as well. You can also buy an electric wok, which is a good alternative if you don’t have gas or induction hotplates.

These days you can purchase a carbon steel wok from good kitchen utensils and equipment stores or Asian grocery stores. You can also click on the links for a carbon steel wok or an electric wok.

Asian Cooking Supplies: Part of Your Core Cooking Utensils Asian Cooking Supplies: Part of Your Core Cooking Utensils Asian Cooking Supplies: Part of Your Core Cooking Utensils

You will need a few wok cooking utensils. One of them is a wok spatula to “toss” food in the wok. It is a very fast pace of cooking in the wok at high temperatures. A wok spatula is designed for this purpose. Once you learn the basics, it is quick and easy to cook in a wok and a great way to make fresh, healthy meals in the evening after work.
Asian Cooking Supplies: Part of Your Core Cooking Utensils

Asian Cooking Supplies: Bamboo Steamer

Wok cooking utensils may also include a bamboo steamer as well. Just place water in the bottom of your carbon steel wok, bring to a boil and then place your steamer on top of it.

It’s simple and cheap, much cheaper than a metal steamer. They really are the ultimate bamboo cooking utensil. You can buy bamboo steamers at Asian grocery stores or supermarkets, or online.


Asian Cooking Supplies: Chopsticks

South East Asians eat with a spoon for liquids and chopsticks for solids (thus the small pieces). Thailand is the exception using spoons and forks.Asian Cooking Supplies: Part of Your Core Cooking Utensils

If you don’t know how to use chopsticks, why not try it? It’s all part of the experience. When traveling in the region, chopsticks are often the only eating utensils available. We watched some of our fellow travelers struggle to enjoy their food. Plus, as strange as it may sound, I think it tastes better when you eat with the right implement for the style of cooking. If nothing else it puts you in the mood.

A good practice exercise is to use chopsticks to pick up grapes or olives. Yes I know you would not normally use chopsticks to eat them. However, they are a good size and easy to grasp and you will become familiar with picking up items. There is a good video showing how to use chopsticks.

Chopsticks are inexpensive and fun. If you have kids they will really enjoy learning to use chopsticks. It’s all part of introducing new cultures into your home. It’s a fun and guaranteed way of your children becoming interested in Asian cuisine and culture.

Asian Cuisine: Your Guide to Asian Ingredients

Have you downloaded Asian Cuisine: Your Guide to Asian Ingredients? It’s free and includes pictures so you can identify Asian ingredients. And it comes complete with shopping lists so you can cook great, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian and Lao food at home.











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